Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

Morale among expats:

Good. Lots of complaining. Depends on the person, many people can't cut it here given the difficulties living here. - Aug 2013

Low to fair. Only one or two people I know LOVE their lives here. I'm generally pretty happy and can find joy in cooking, watching shows, volunteering, etc. But I don't like living in Mumbai/India and am counting down the days until I can leave! Most expats I know feel the same. - May 2013

Fairly good. - Feb 2013

Morale is okay. Mumbai is a difficult city to live in, but the consulate community is fairly close-knit. - Dec 2010

Differs. - Nov 2008

From low (the majority) to moderate. Many people really, really dislike it here for many reasons: constant food poisoning and other sickness, total traffic gridlock, long commutes because of the consulate move, incredibly non-pedestrian friendly nature of the city (lack of passable sidewalks, cars constantly honking right in your face as you're forced to walk in the street, incredibly rude driving habits, no safe street crossings) and hence enforced sedentary lifestyle, lack of green space. A few seem to like the nightlife, but those with a focus on health or an active lifestyle can't stand it here. Many have left early. - Aug 2008

OK. Everyone is planning their next vacation. - Jul 2008


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