Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Mumbai has a fairly large expat scene, mostly Brits and Europeans. The diplomatic community exists but is not close. Expats generally enjoy Mumbai given how cosmopolitan and affordable the city is and how easy it is to make friends with locals. Many expats live in Bandra West. - Apr 2024

small, compared to Delhi. Morales seems ok, not great. - Jul 2023

There are a lot of expats in Mumbai, both among the various diplomatic missions and many international companies. Morale seems high, and most people seem to love it here. There is a lot to do, and a great community once you get connected in. - May 2023

Decent. Overall morale is moderate. Everyone is just passing the time. - Aug 2021

Large, Mumbai has a large expat community. I met some just walking through the neighborhood. Overall morale is fine. - Nov 2020

No idea how big the expat community is. That’s a hard number to define because many Indians have been long-time expats themselves in the States or other countries. It’s a very global place, that’s for sure! Morale is good among the people I hang out with. There are plenty of options to keep you busy. The key is to find little hideaways where you can escape the people and noise for a bit. That helps with maintaining your sanity. - Aug 2019

There are a lot of expats here. Many work in banking, construction, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, etc. in addition to government. - Mar 2019

Some love it here and some hate it. - Jan 2019

Low morale due to unsanitory conditions, extreme heat, high cost of living, air, dirt, dust, etc. - May 2018

I saw the same few hundred people. Morale was decent, but the constant complaint was the filth and chaos. - Jun 2017

Expat size is small for a city of 23 million. Morale? It's what you make of it. Some love it, others hate it.. - Aug 2015

There are a lot of foreigners here. Morale varies a lot - some people hate it, some people love it, sometimes that changes from day to day for the same person. - Nov 2014

At first it seems big but it really is small. I'd say morale is medium to low. Most people don't last longer than a year. People try to enjoy it though. After a few parties you know everyone, which is too bad. - Mar 2014

Large, middling morale. The traffic and filth wears one down. - Feb 2014

Medium, not as large as I would have guessed for such a international and economically important city. - Aug 2013

Lots of business and consulate expats and families. Seems pretty small, but it's hard to gauge because perhaps many live in South Mumbai and I never see them. This is a city of 20+ million, and one which is hard to get around in, so perhaps there are pockets of expats that I've yet to come across! - May 2013

Enormous. Many Americans, British, Germans, Australians and French; some East Asian and other Europeans. - Feb 2013

Due to the number of activities there seems to be a lot of expats in Mumbai, but I rarely see them. Mumbai is not a very internationally diverse city. - Dec 2010

Moderate. Consulate has almost 50. Other Europeans are here. But fewer than one might expect for the commerical and artistic heart of India. - Aug 2008

HUGE- South Mumbai, North Mumbai, Powai. - Jul 2008

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