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What English-language religious services are available locally?

A lot of the Catholic Churches in Bandra have services in English. - Jul 2023

I think there are lots of options available, especially Christian services. Non-Christian services are likely not in English, but I do not know for sure. - May 2023

India is an English Speaking country, so lots of options, all faiths. - Feb 2023

Lots of English language Catholic services available in Bandra. I’m guessing other denominations could readily find English services as well, I just haven’t looked for them. - Aug 2019

There are a lot of Catholic churches with English services. - Mar 2019

Pretty much all. - Aug 2015

Some Protestant and Catholic services are available. - Feb 2014

Lots of Catholic churches in Bandra. - May 2013

Yes. Most of the churches are Catholic, but there do seem to be other denominations (e.g., Anglican). There are a couple synagogues, but I don't know what language their services are in. - Feb 2013

They seem widely available. - Dec 2010

Some Catholic I think. - Nov 2008

Some Catholic churches with English services. - Aug 2008

Christian, Evangelical, Baptist Churchs. LDS available. - Jul 2008

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