Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

There are three main networks: Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone. We get Jio on our work phones but can’t get SIMs as foreigners for personal use. Vodafone is fine; don’t get Airtel. - Apr 2024

They are cheap and generally reliable. - Jul 2023

I have GoogleFi, which usually works great. Local phones are also readily available, though network connectivity and customer service can be challenging. - May 2023

Everyone uses WhatsApp so keep that number. Use a local provider, there are several. Ask around where you live and work which provider has the best network there. Depending on tower placement you may or may not have reception at home. - Feb 2023

Bring your own and phone and pick up a sim card from airtel. - Aug 2021

Most people have Vodaphone, it is cheap, just get it. You don't even need to install Wifi at home cause your phone's hotspot can serve as Wifi. India has the cheapest data plan in the world. - Nov 2020

I would recommend using a local provider. Vodafone and Airtel both provide great connectivity and speed and it’s about US$5 a month for data and calling. Google Fi is becoming more popular but it's a lot more expensive than the local options. - Aug 2019

Several carriers, and they all work ok. US$10/month will get you a lot of usage. - Mar 2019

Very cheap and easily available. - Jan 2019

Bring an unlocked phone. cheap plans available. - May 2018

I used a pre-paid provider that was very cheap, about $20/mo for all the data I used (and I use a lot). Just bring an unlocked phone. - Jun 2017

Super cheap. US$7 a month for my iPhone with 3G internet w 3GB per month. - Aug 2015

It takes 2-3 days to get a local SIM so make that your first move when you arrive. Cell phones are cheap here because they are made for the local consumer market. No need to bring one unless you want an iPhone. Bring that. Samsung is king here and the latest models are not too badly priced ($400 unlocked Samsung Galaxy s4). - Mar 2014

Get an open cellphone and buy a 'prepaid' plan. - Feb 2014

Get a reliable service provider. Loop Mobile has iffy coverage. Request to be put on the "no call" list or you'll get endless junk texts and calls. Also, do NOT give your phone number out to shops and restaurants when they ask. You will regret it! - May 2013

Service is cheap but not always reliable. Vodaphone is supposed to be the best, but since when does the USG contract with the best? - Feb 2013

No, not really. The network isn't great but the batteries on cell phones here are far superior to those in the US. - Dec 2010

Cell phones are cheap. Service is good. - Nov 2008

Local service is fine. Buy a phone here. - Aug 2008

All services are good. Everyone has a phone. - Jul 2008

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