Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Mumbai and India are not accessible places for persons with disabilities. Sidewalks are not in good condition (if they exist) and most buildings are not accessible for many with mobility issues. Some events and venues are becoming more accessible but they still have a long way to go. Most buildings do not have ramps or elevators that could accommodate a wheelchair. - Apr 2024

Yes. Even if you don't have physical disabilities, you have difficulties getting around in this city. - Jul 2023

Yes, rough roads, lots of crowds and traffic, most buildings were not built with accessibility in mind. - May 2023

Yes, there are little to no sidewalks and most stores have 1-2 steps up from street level to enter. - Feb 2023

Yes. The infrastructure is not user-friendly to those with disabilities. It's not even walker-friendly. - Aug 2021

Yes, get ready to dodge a car or scooter at any moment. Mumbai traffic is notorious and someone with physical disabilities will have a hard time surviving here. - Nov 2020

Yes, the city is not handicap accessible. - Aug 2019

Sidewalks are rarely intact. There are a lot of old buildings that are completely inaccessible. There are many disabled people in India, but they do not have universal access to basic things like public transportation, housing, etc. - Mar 2019

Yes, not designed for anyone with disabilities. - Jan 2019

Yes very much so. - May 2018

Yes. There seems to be very little, if any, accommodation for disabled people. - Jun 2017

Not easy.... Lots of cracks in sidewaks, and some without sidewalks. I don't see any wheelchair compliant places. - Aug 2015

Yes, NOTHING is set up for the disabled. It's difficult enough to walk on the streets without a disability. - Nov 2014

Yes. I would never suggest this city to anyone with physical disabilities. Even people who have no disability have a hard time getting around (no sidewalks, fighting cars, cows, goats, bicycles, rickshaws, and more). - Mar 2014

Do not come here if you are differently abled. - Feb 2014

Yes, there is a lack of sidewalks and many buildings don't really cater to people with physical disabilities. - Feb 2014

Very difficult to get around, though hiring a driver is very cheap. - Aug 2013

I can't imagine someone with disabilities being able to do much in this city. There are no accommodations for wheelchairs, sidewalks are crumbling, and cars will run you over without hesitation if you don't move out of the way quickly. - May 2013

The U.S. Consulate is the only building I have seen here that can accommodate the disabled. Many streets don't even have sidewalks. It would be difficult for the vision-impaired or anyone with mobility issues (such as a wheelchair). - Feb 2013

It would be very difficult. Sidewalks are in a terrible condition and you can't always count on a functioning elevator. - Dec 2010

Do NOT come here. They are not ready for those with disabilities. - Nov 2008

Impossible to live here. No facilities at all. I have never seen a city so violently hostile to pedestrians of any kind, let alone those who are disabled. - Aug 2008

Not a good place for someone with a physical disability. - Jul 2008

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