Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular mental health issues that tend to crop up at post, such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (winter blues)?

It's easy to get worn down and be depressed here. Find yourself some work friends and push yourself to events just to get a new view. Travel outside of the work area if you can. - Aug 2021

There is no winter, only dry season and wet season. Weather is warm all year around. - Nov 2020

India is very polarizing because of how intense and overwhelming the daily living experience is. People either love it or they hate it. For those who hate it, I hope they are getting counseling services. - Aug 2019

Mumbai is an onslaught. It is never, ever peaceful. If you want calm quiet, don't come to India. - Mar 2019

The city does not seem clean, in my opinion, and seems to smell terrible most of the time; at times it can get to you as there is no respite unless you leave Mumbai - Jan 2019

Low Morale due to filth, air, low quality of life. - May 2018

Stress and tension due to the constant stimulation. Between the noise, filth, poverty, and cultural differences, I realized that it is necessary to leave the country every couple months, even if just to hop over to Bangkok or Dubai. - Jun 2017

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