Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Mumbai is a great post for singles. I arrived as a single woman and dated casually before finding my current partner. The apps are hit or miss (as they are everywhere) and for women there’s an added level of patriarchal norms that make dating more challenging, but overall Mumbai has a cosmopolitan, progressive young population. Young people live with their families so there is less of a hookup culture and more social/familial barriers to dating outside cultures, but it’s a cosmopolitan city and lots of affluent young Indians have international exposure. Like most places, single men will find it extremely easy to date. There are a lot of single and childfree couples at post and the Community Liaison Office (CLO) events are intentionally inclusive of those without EFMs. Making friends with Indians is easy and you’ll develop lifelong friendships. As with any post, you’ll have to step outside of your comfort zone and seek opportunities to socialize but it’s quite easy and Indians, including our Locally Engaged Staff (LES), are eager to welcome you into their culture. - Apr 2024

Probably best for single people. Easy to meet locals and expats. I wouldn't call it a family post, per se. However, most of the American families seem happy here, partly due to the good schooling and low cost of house help. - Jul 2023

Yes, for all of the above. There is so much to do. No matter your interests, your style of living, or what, it can be accommodated here. You can go out and meet people, go clubbing or to bars, live music/concerts, shopping, restaurants, etc. For kids, there are indoor arcades, movie theaters, trampoline parks, Chucky Cheese, Kidzania, etc. - May 2023

It is a HUGE city and like NYC, LA, Chicago Paris, there is something for everyone and something going on all the time. There is a planetarium, museum, beachfront restaurants. You have to talk to people and find out who and where they get information about events. Once you get on some mailing lists, you will never be bored. - Feb 2023

It's probably better for families since most things are cheap including maid services. - Aug 2021

Good for single and families. - Nov 2020

Yes for all. Maybe least so for families, as there isn’t much green space for kids to run around and the pollution can be harder on their lungs. - Aug 2019

It can be harder for families because of the lack of easy outdoor activities. Parks, hiking, clean beaches, trees to climb, grass to play tag in...forget about these. There is a lot going on in the city, but your activities will gravitate to the metropolitan rather than the pastoral. And getting around the city can take a long time. Having a driver makes the logistics of kids' playdates on the other side of the city much easier. - Mar 2019

No I don't think Mumbai is easy for anyone. I recommend do your research before coming here and don't just believe the incredible India campaign. - May 2018

It is very bad for singles, especially gays. Indians get married early and stay married, so they don't usually get out of their bubble. The dating scene is nearly nonexistent, and whatever exists is pretty incestuous. As a gay late 20-something, dating was virtually nonexistent. - Jun 2017

It is a much better city for families or couples. Tougher for singles since many locals are not open to dating. - Aug 2015

It's good for families and couples, for sure. For singles, I think it's harder for women than for men. - Nov 2014

I have to say that I thought it would be good for singles but it is NOT AT ALL. You won't be bored here (lots of bars and restaurants) but it is a complete desert for dating. Just think about it for a few minutes: India is the home of the arranged marriage. Couples and families do just fine. Couples probably have it best because it is easy to mingle with people and they are all always married. - Mar 2014

Ok for families, bad for singles, ok for couples. - Feb 2014

I think it's good for singles and couples as there is a lot going on. I think the lack of green space might make life here a bit challenging for families but I don't know from personal experience. - Feb 2014

Good for singles and couples. Families may find the lack of green space challenging, and also the difficulty in doing things can be exacerbated by that. There are bars to go to for sure, and trendy ones too. - Aug 2013

I'm not sure it's a "good" city for anybody, really. Families tend to socialize together and have their own insular social circles, but I would be loath to raise my children in such a dirty, polluted, dangerous place where they can't play outside or be in nature. Singles who aren't into bars and clubs really struggle. There are few dating opportunities. Couples without children also struggle with relatively little to do. My partner and I have struggled to find other young couples to socialize with, but we sometimes attend or host dinner parties, go the movies, go out to dinner, or just stay home and watch TV shows. It is amazing how many seasons we've gone through in just a few months! - May 2013

For families it is good in that you can hire a good nanny relatively inexpensively, and there are very good international schools. However, the lack of green space (parks, playgrounds) is a big problem. Singles and childless couples have plenty of nightlife activities to choose from (clubs, restaurants, bars, etc). - Feb 2013

There seem to be a lot of activities for singles and couples. There are a lot of single expats here from corporate and government jobs. The US Consulate has a lot of events, and many people host gatherings in their homes. There are also lots of good restaurants. - Dec 2010

For those with patience in massive surplus - maybe for all three. - Nov 2008

Okay for families or couples, if you don't mind the total lack of green space and penned in feeling from the constant, abysmal traffic. Quite bad for singles. Supposed to be the cosmopolitan heart of India. But there is not a lot of social interaction with Indians. And there is absolutely zero dating for men or women, except for some Indian-American officers. Ex-pat community is fairly small. If you are single (of either gender) and looking for a mate, or even decent dating opportunities, you will be miserable here. - Aug 2008

Families- so-so. Large expat community, with many good restuarants, several malls, and lots of theaters. No parks, dangerous to ride your bike due to traffic, and running on the streets unless early in the morning, is not advisable. SINGLES- Large Bar Scene, with Bollywood and the financial center of India, but bring your wallet, as the drinks are quiet expensive. Getaways in Mumbai are the must. Getting out of the city and going to the hill stations-Lonavala, Goa, Kerala, or Dubai is the most common for outings. - Jul 2008

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