Frankfurt - Post Report Question and Answers

What do people who suffer from environmental or food allergies need to know?

How to say your particular allergy in German. - Feb 2022

Nothing special. - Oct 2021

We found like any move different pollen may effect you more. So that being said they have lots of trees, flowers and green space around Germany. Food allergies, plan on cross contamination. They do not seem to keep things separate. - Mar 2020

Basically the same as the US. Food allergens are listed, pollen is non-discriminatory. - Mar 2020

Birch trees are a bear and hard on Southerners, like me, who aren't used to them. - Feb 2020

No experience with this but there is certainly no lack of awareness of this in the general population. - Sep 2019

See above. - Apr 2019

Gluten-free restaurants are starting to appear (even pizza!) In general, German customer service is poor and they act annoyed if you ask questions about the food, but this might change. - Jan 2017

I have heard that Frankfurt in the spring is hard on those with allergies. - Feb 2016

Seasonal allergies seem to be worse here. Allergy medicine is available locally. - Dec 2015

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