Frankfurt - Post Report Question and Answers

What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

I wish I had known how unaccommodating the schools are for even minor needs (and they do not recognize 504 plans). I wish I was aware of how difficult the childcare situation can be for children under age four. - Oct 2022

I had some native German friends who did a pretty good job of preparing me for everything, so I think I did ok with this. Your best bet is to take some courses at FSI, I think, and find some books on German history, especially if they include things right up to Merkle's time as Chancellor. - Feb 2022

There are 110v sockets in the kitchen (Siedlung only of course). - Oct 2021

I would have planned to buy another AC unit or two prior to arrival. - Mar 2020

Housing is by far a fish bowl. Couple that with the noise, small size and no A/C , we wouldn't have bid here. - Mar 2020

That Germans have resting disapproval face. - Feb 2020

How much of a goldfish bowl the consulate housing would be. - Sep 2019

That you can't do anything without your Ausweiss and you just have to be patient about getting it. - Apr 2019

How cold and nasty some of the US expats are. - Jan 2017

Nothing, really. - Aug 2016

I was not terribly excited to come to Frankfurt which I had heard was an uninteresting city. That's not the case. Frankfurt is actually quite small, very, very walkable, and interesting to explore. And some great shopping (but can get very pricey if you don't watch yourself). - Feb 2016

Getting registered in Germany is a process and it will literally take 3 months before you have your ID, license plates, registration, etc. If you know this ahead of time, I think it's easier to cope. If you have US license plated for your car, bring them as you can drive with them here before you get your German ones. If you are going to buy a car here, you have to wait to get your diplomatic ID first before you can claim back the VAT paid on the car. This will take about 6 weeks so be prepared to either rent or get by on public transportation for a while. You can't claim any VAT on anything until you get the dip ID, so save all large purchases for after that. - Dec 2015

Wish I knew that there are ZERO services for Special Needs. Also, we have had more visitors than any other post EVER. I wish I had known how popular it would be for folks to come here and I would have started a "Visitors Book" to record the dozens of friends and family who have come through. I regret not having that as we have had at least 20 visitors thus far. - Mar 2014

This is my third time in Germany so there were no really surprises. Everyone should note that Germans follow rules and regulations to the letter so they are not good about making exceptions. - Nov 2013

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