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Are preschools available? Day care? Are these expensive? What has been your experience with them, if any? Do the schools provide before- and/or after-school care?

There is a preschool at the CSA. Also some of the IB schools have a preschool associated to them. - Mar 2020

There is a preschool available on the Siedlung. - Mar 2020

There is a preschool on the Siedlung. I don't know if it is good, but it is certainly convenient. FIS has many after school activities and there is a late bus to return to the Siedlung. With sports, my son was usually returning home after I did... - Feb 2020

Preschool on the compound. A bit expensive but not outrageously so. It's tuned to the needs of consulate employees so you can usually count on holidays and opening/closing times to be compatible with a typical consulate work schedule. - Sep 2019

There is day care on the compound and "kindergartens" all over the place. We did not use them. - Apr 2019

Yes, but expensive and not open for a full workday. - Jan 2017

There's a pre-school/day care on the housing compound. I think there are local options in German, but I don't know the process of enrolling or costs. - Aug 2016

The Consulate Community Association runs a preschool/daycare on the Siedlung. There are also children attending many kindergartens locally. - Dec 2015

Yes, in fact, right on the Housing Compound. - Mar 2014

Have no experience with the preschools/daycares here but I do know that the Community Association manages a daycare center located on the housing compound. - Nov 2013

Yes, if you can get in to the one on the housing compound. If not, your child must be 3 before enrolling them in the German system. - Apr 2012

- Oct 2011

The preschool on the compound was very good. Our younger child attended for 2 years and graduated kindergarten there. - Jul 2008

There are plenty of options but register early. Carl Schurz has a decent facility but it wasn't run as well as it could have been due to poor management from the past school directors. - Feb 2008

The preschool/daycare on the American housing premises is very good but you need to register early. - Jan 2008

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