Frankfurt - Post Report Question and Answers

Are preschools available? Day care? Are these expensive? What has been your experience with them, if any? Do the schools provide before- and/or after-school care?

The daycare on the housing campus has availability in waves. We came during a very popular time for our youngest age groups and could not get a full time spot for over a year. However there were families that arrived the following year and were able to get spots within a month or two of being at post. Tagesmutters and utilizing the Kitas can be touch and go. We were on the wait-list for over two years for a Kita and got offered a spot three months before departing post. It was an incredibly frustrating situation for many, especially those with two working parents. - Oct 2022

Kindergarten, ages 3-6, is free in Frankfurt! (If you want you child to learn German). We sent our daughter to one of these Kitas and had a wonderful experience as well as having a bilingual 5 year old at the end of the tour. The CSA preschool is really just daycare. The classrooms are small and the teachers rotate to expect any kind of quality. We really didn't enjoy our short time at the CSA school, however it is amazingly convenient and is adequate for really young kids. - Oct 2021

There is a preschool at the CSA. Also some of the IB schools have a preschool associated to them. - Mar 2020

There is a preschool available on the Siedlung. - Mar 2020

There is a preschool on the Siedlung. I don't know if it is good, but it is certainly convenient. FIS has many after school activities and there is a late bus to return to the Siedlung. With sports, my son was usually returning home after I did... - Feb 2020

Preschool on the compound. A bit expensive but not outrageously so. It's tuned to the needs of consulate employees so you can usually count on holidays and opening/closing times to be compatible with a typical consulate work schedule. - Sep 2019

There is day care on the compound and "kindergartens" all over the place. We did not use them. - Apr 2019

Yes, but expensive and not open for a full workday. - Jan 2017

There's a pre-school/day care on the housing compound. I think there are local options in German, but I don't know the process of enrolling or costs. - Aug 2016

The Consulate Community Association runs a preschool/daycare on the Siedlung. There are also children attending many kindergartens locally. - Dec 2015

Yes, in fact, right on the Housing Compound. - Mar 2014

Have no experience with the preschools/daycares here but I do know that the Community Association manages a daycare center located on the housing compound. - Nov 2013

Yes, if you can get in to the one on the housing compound. If not, your child must be 3 before enrolling them in the German system. - Apr 2012

- Oct 2011

The preschool on the compound was very good. Our younger child attended for 2 years and graduated kindergarten there. - Jul 2008

There are plenty of options but register early. Carl Schurz has a decent facility but it wasn't run as well as it could have been due to poor management from the past school directors. - Feb 2008

The preschool/daycare on the American housing premises is very good but you need to register early. - Jan 2008

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