Frankfurt - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

USA. Flights are easy and inexpensive to most major US cities. - Aug 2023

DMV, however due to the extreme cost of flying with a family of five from Europe, we did not travel home at all during this post. Getting to post however was a breeze with an eight hour direct flight from Dulles. - Oct 2022

Our home country is the US. We have family all over, and it was easy to visit most without having a layover anywhere. - Feb 2022

Home is the midwest of the US. The airports in Frankfurt make travel to anywhere in the world fairly easy. - Oct 2021

USA. Direct flights from many cities in the US to Frankfurt. - Sep 2020

Virginia is home. We went from DC to Atlanta to Frankfurt. Unfortunately we had airports close state side due to storms. It should have only been about 13 hours total trip time. It was very easy all things considered. - Mar 2020

Our home is Virginia, and there are multiple daily direct flight from Dulles. Flight time is about 8 hours. - Mar 2020

I'm from Southeastern Virginia, but NoVa is pretty much home base. There are daily flights from Dulles and multiple flights from around the country. Frankfurt is a hug air hub and so is very easy to get to. - Feb 2020

Atlanta. Direct flights daily. Very easy trip and Frankfurt has a modern/comfortable airport. - Sep 2019

Richmond, Virginia is mostly home. There are direct connections from all of the DC area airports to Frankfurt. It is very easy to travel there. - Apr 2019

Pennsylvania. - Sep 2017

Washington, DC., USA. Eight-hour flight from IAD to Frankfurt. - Jan 2017

Washington, DC. Non-stop flights from Frankfurt to DC are about 9 hours. Frankfurt has one of the largest airports in the world and has non-stop flights to many hubs throughout the USA. - Aug 2016

Frankfurt can be about 12 hours travel time to DC, depending - Feb 2016

8 hours flight from the East Coast of U.S. - Dec 2015

Washington, DC. Frequent direct flights (two nonstop daily flights on United, one nonstop daily flight on Lufthansa), only about 8 hours. - Jun 2014

Portland, OR 10-12 hours with connections in Houston sometimes. Or, you can fly direct as well. - Mar 2014

Miami, FL. The trip from Frankfurt to Miami, FL takes between 10-12 hours. - Nov 2013

East-coast direct flight to Frankfurt from DC. 8 hrs. - Apr 2012

New Mexico, 12 hours. - Mar 2012

California.12 - 17 hours depending on whether you take a direct flight or not. - Oct 2011

DC. It's a short, 7 hour direct flight from DC. Frankfurt has a huge airport and it's great for getting to anywhere in Europe and most major airports in the States. - Jul 2010

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