Frankfurt - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes. In the Consulate housing area it can be installed prior to your arrive. In my opinion, this is one of the few things handled correctly and with elegance. - Aug 2023

Internet is available, however everyone learned during the new telework days during covid that it gets really spotty even at the highest speed. - Oct 2022

Internet on the Siedlung is not available to you unless you pay the Community Support Associate (CSA's) fees; you can't get internet yourself. You also cannot get basic TV channels without paying the fees (and this includes Armed Forces Network). You can pay a large amount to have internet set up before you get there, or you can skip those particular costs and just use the data on your phone until it's set up. You may not find out ahead of time, but you will need a local German bank account in order to get internet services, and you can't get a German bank account without a face-to-face meeting at the bank (at least pre-COVID). It took us about three weeks to get an appointment. So as soon as you know you're going to Frankfurt, inquire about an appointment ASAP! - Feb 2022

Internet is now activated before arrival! This is a huge win for people who used to have to wait two to three months for internet. It's not ultrafast, but it's good enough for streaming. - Oct 2021

You can get it set up to be ready upon arrival, if you live on compound. - Sep 2020

They have pretty good internet here. If you are in the neighborhood, you will pay 2 fees. One to CSA for the maintenance and boxes and then for usage to Unity Media. It was set up pretty quickly. You can go online and have it set up prior to arrival. - Mar 2020

It's available on the Siedlung. It's okay. But on a rainy day - which is often, everyone on the compound is using it, and the quality slows considerably. - Mar 2020

Yes, about two weeks, maybe. But just knock on your neighbor's door to "borrow a cup of wifi" before you get it installed. - Feb 2020

Yes it is available. We pay about US$80/month includes cable TV and phone. It is advertised as 400mb service and often actually test at that speed. Can be set up before you arrive but is usually done after arrival and takes 2 to 3 weeks. - Sep 2019

Yes. Ten days to two weeks. Everyone borrows "a cup of wifi" from neighbors when they arrive, and the wifi is paid for by the community association in the Fieldhouse. - Apr 2019

Yes, it can take up to a month to get internet. We didn't have any serious difficulty with it during our two years, but the equipment is outdated and it's likely that you'll have several outages during your tour. - Sep 2017

Yes, but expensive and you have to buy a whole package of TV you will never watch. Installation can take from a few days to a few weeks. - Jan 2017

Sigh.Yes, but if you're on the consulate's housing compound, you're required to go through a particular company if you want internet, and in order to get internet, you have to also get cable TV. I really wish they'd get rid of this stupid contract and let people choose their own provider. Installation usually takes a couple of weeks. You have to set up your German bank account first, then order the service and make an appointment for installation. - Aug 2016

Decent to quite good, about US$70 a month. - Feb 2016

Yes, we pay about US$65 a month for cable/internet. Service is actually a bit slow and goes out periodically. - Dec 2015

Yes, about US$80/month or so for cable and internet through UnityMedia. - Jun 2014

Yes and moderately pricey. Like the USA I think. - Mar 2014

It is expensive but works very well. - Nov 2013

Yes. 20 euros a month. - Apr 2012

Yes, see above. - Mar 2012

Yes, depends on how fast you want it to be. It will cost at least $50 a month. - Oct 2011

Yes, but speed isn't as good as you would think. It comes bundled with a home phone, for about 50 euros/month plus a 200 euro activation fee. - Jul 2010

US$60 a month for high speed internet. - Jul 2008

Yes, but is's quite a hassle to get connected; people complained all the time about this. - Feb 2008

Yes, about 30-40 euros/month. - Jan 2008

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