Frankfurt - Post Report Question and Answers

What kind of car do you recommend bringing to post, given the terrain, availability of parts, burglary/carjacking risks, etc.? What kind of car do you advise not to bring?

Big SUVs, as you may struggle parking if you drive from country to country for travel. - Oct 2022

I've never felt any more or less safe driving around. I recommend a smaller compact car, like a Mini Cooper. They'll be easier to park and maneuver. I have no idea how people with big SUVs get around. Smaller cars are also easier on gas, which is expensive. - Feb 2022

You can bring whatever you like (or nothing at all). We were given a "esso gas card" which meant we paid US prices for fuel (about 1/2 the German price) and we really only used are car for road trips. I would recommend whatever is comfortable for a long road trips. If you don't plan on taking road trips, then you likely don't need a car and can enjoy the incredible train network across Europe. - Oct 2021

A small SUV or small minivan. - Sep 2020

Smaller cars for some of the towns and cities near by. We have a mid size SUV and it's a little harder to find parking. I've not had to worry about carjacking or burglary. However I have heard of some petty theft if your car is left unlocked on the town. - Mar 2020

Bring something fun to drive, and not a huge SUV. Parking on the Siedlung is incredibly limited, and there are no options if the lots are full. Also, the highways can handle any car, but the narrow village streets and parking garages can not. - Mar 2020

A small car good on gas. Many people ignore the advice not to bring their huge SUVs and they make parking on the Siedlung challenging... - Feb 2020

Anything you're comfortable with can be serviced here. Lanes and parking spaces are tight so smaller is preferred by most people but some consulate employees drive vans, SUVs and large pickup trucks. - Sep 2019

A relatively small, all wheel drive car. Plenty of people bring their huge SUVs though, so if you have to have it, realize that the parking spaces are small and some of the garages may be too low in clearance. - Apr 2019

Small cars are better, but even large vans and SUVs were fine. - Sep 2017

A sedan or compact is best due to small streets and parking spaces. Importing a car is fairly easy. - Jan 2017

One sees just about anything on the road here from large SUVs to tiny roller skate-looking cars. I'd recommend something on the small end, as some streets are narrow and some parking garages are tight. - Aug 2016

Bring what you want but make sure the vehicle is well-maintained and a recent model. - Feb 2016

I would hesitate to bring a larger vehicle. There are some with mini-vans and pickup trucks, but traveling with them or parking in older areas of town or parking garages may be impossible. We have a sedan which almost feels too big sometimes. - Dec 2015

Parking is very limited and tight, so bring something SMALL! Leave the SUV at home. - Jun 2014

Any...A lot of middle aged men bring their "muscle cars" because you can drive as fast as you want to on the Autobahn. So if you have always wanted a Corvette but never bought one because the speed limit in New Jersey is 55 miles per hour, now is your big chance! There are buyers incentives through the military card holder program for FORD and BMW and lots of folks buy them here. We have a small SUV and love it. Owning a car here is like owning one in America except that you can drive WAY faster. You cannot wash your car here though as you will be fined. You MUST go to a car wash. - Mar 2014

Any vehicle will do fine here but if you plan driving through the countryside and small European towns, a small car or station wagon is better than an SUV. - Nov 2013

Any. Smaller cars are better for driving and parking in the city. - Apr 2012

Anything, but Autobahns are fun, so bring a fast German car! - Mar 2012

Bring whatever you like, but make sure it is in good condition and not that old. All cars must be inspected, and must pass in ordered to be able to be registered (you will have to pay for the inspection).If you are going to be in Frankfurt for more than two years, and you have diplomatic status, then you can buy a new car on the economy tax free. I would recommend something that is fast enough for the autobahn. - Oct 2011

Small. I see so many people with big trucks and SUVs, but those are mostly military families. Bring a small 4 door car, or get one here. Plenty of used and new cars to buy (especially if you're eyeing a German one). - Jul 2010

Any car is fine. Smaller is better due to narrow streets and ease of parking. - Jul 2008

Any type is fine although there are plenty of narrow streets. Germans are embracing more and more the SUVs. - Feb 2008

Lots of us have minivans but don't try to drive in the old part of Heidelberg with them! Service for major problems can be a problem, so bringing a new or newer vehicle might be a good idea. Traffic jams happen on big autobahns. I've never been in a country where they obey the traffic laws as well. - Jan 2008

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