Frankfurt - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

There used to be a nice Filipino family that ran the compound restaurant, but they left a short while ago and it's going downhill since then. There is a Pizza Hut and a Dominos, but they don't taste like the American version, but they do okay in a pinch. - Jun 2024

I'm not a fan of the quality of the food delivery options in the Dornbusch area. We use for delivery or we go direct with a handful of restaurants. There is a good bakery, reasonably good Italian, and a really tasty vegan restaurant in close proximity to the Siedlung housing area. - Aug 2023

Lieferando ( like Uber eats or door dash) saved us during covid. Everyone uses that app. You can get groceries delivered through Rewe, and take out options are plentiful but just not great if you are a foodie. There was one restaurant out of the many that we tried that had great tasting food and takeout: Isoletta, the food was excellent and very close to the housing complex. - Oct 2022

Everyone uses Lieferando for a delivery service, but I recommend just getting in touch with the restaurant directly, as Lieferando take a huge cut. restaurant selection is "okay"; you can certainly find anything you want, but not all of it is quality. Ex: there is one good Indian place, one good Thai place, no good pizza places... - Feb 2022

Definitely a weak point of living on the Siedlung. Although you can get most things delivered we don't have a whole lot of good options that are within walking distance. Of course their is the fieldhouse in the middle of the complex and you can get some incredible food there but it's NOT health food and even good food gets old after awhile. - Oct 2021

Many people use Lieferando. They pick up from several restaurants in the Frankfurt area. You can get Pizza hut, McDonald, Subway and Domino's here on the economy as well. - Mar 2020

Same as in the US. - Mar 2020

Food delivery is cheap and reliable. Just about everything is available. - Feb 2020

Anything is available. - Sep 2019

There's great diversity in restaurants and food delivery (GrubHub style apps are popular and work well). Sushi, Asian, and pizza carryout are all close to the compound. - Apr 2019

Tons of pizza and ethnic foods all over the city for delivery and takeout. - Sep 2017

The restaurant scene is gradually getting better. Spanish tapas, Thai, Indian, and Italian in addition to some outstanding German beer halls. - Jan 2017

Just about any type of cuisine is available in Frankfurt. - Aug 2016

Fast food everywhere. Decent restaurants everywhere. A bit pricier than DC but not noticeably so. - Feb 2016

The typical McDonald's, Burger King and KFC at a little higher than American prices. Also have one Chipotle to round out the American offerings. There are many good restaurants here, though prices are probably higher than the U.S. - Dec 2015

Pretty much anything you could find back in the States. Cost is pretty close to DC prices for the most part. - Jun 2014

Loads. McDonald's, Burger King, Chilli's, etc. All expensive, of course unless you go to the ones at the Commissary/Exchange. - Mar 2014

All sorts of fast food restaurants but why eat there when you can get a nice meal at local restaurant for about the same prices (10 - 20 EUROS)? - Nov 2013

Yes, a bit more expensive since it is the Euro. - Apr 2012

Everything, but why go to any? - Mar 2012

I think Germans like fast food as much as or more than Americans do, but somehow don't seem to suffer from as high of rates of obesity. A full meal at McDonald's would probably cost around $12. - Oct 2011

German restaurants are plentiful, along with Turkish and Thai as well. There are only a couple within walking distance, so you'll have to travel on the metro to nicer parts of town to go out to most restaurants. Costs are bit higher than the States. Fast food meals are around 8-10 euro. Good meals start at 20-30 Euro and work their way up from there. - Jul 2010

All fast food is available, but eating in local restaurant is so much more fun. Most are on par with what you'd pay at a fast food joint anyway, but vastly superior. - Jul 2008

Yes to all. - Feb 2008

MANY kinds of restaurants. For American tastes, Pizza Hut delivers, McDonalds, etc. - Jan 2008

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