Frankfurt - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

DPO, Pouch and Deutsche post for local shipping needs. - Oct 2022

We had the consulate for mail. - Feb 2022

DPO/Pouch. Frankfurt is the hub for Europe so shipping times are excellent and mailroom is very responsive. - Oct 2021

DPO. German mail is also reliable. - Sep 2020

DPO most times. The post office here has been pretty good. I've see times from 5 days for packages from amazon, Walmart and e scripts. Christmas time taking a month. So plan ahead on holiday's like all posts! - Mar 2020

Either through the Dip Pouch or APO. Both are incredibly slow. Dip Pouch takes upwards of 3-4 weeks. APO maybe two weeks? Slowest mail that we've had worldwide - ever. It's a head-scratcher. - Mar 2020

Local post works fine, but the Consulate Post Office is awesome and everything comes quickly. - Feb 2020

Post has DPO. - Sep 2019

DPO is excellent here. The staff is large, helpful, and kind. - Apr 2019

Both pouch and DPO were quick and reliable. - Sep 2017

APO/DPO is easy and surprisingly fast. - Jan 2017

DPO or German postal service. DPO is fairly quick, 1-2 weeks usually. German mail is reliable, too. - Aug 2016

Frankfurt has a very good DPO. - Feb 2016

DPO or local German mail for - Dec 2015

DPO is usually fast, about 1-2 weeks to ship stuff from the States. - Jun 2014

DPO and sometimes dip pouch. - Mar 2014

DPO mail is used by Consulate personnel. The German post is very good as well. - Nov 2013

APO and pouch. - Apr 2012

DPO. - Mar 2012

I use the APO/DPO.Of course, the German post is reliable and efficient. But they have been known to pull out a ruler and actually measure your envelopes to see if they meet "regulations."It's more trouble than it is worth. - Oct 2011

APO/DPO. - Jul 2010

I had APO access. - Jul 2008

We have APO privileges. - Feb 2008

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