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What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

There is a gym available for use on the housing campus, paid membership required. - Oct 2022

There is a paid gym on the "Siedlung" where most Consulate families live, but there's a free gym at the Consulate. - Feb 2022

On the compound, you have a gym, tennis courts, basketball courts. The Consulate has a gym as well. If you are housed off- compound you'll likely find high quality facilities easily available as well. Frankfurt has amazing green spaces and excellent biking infrastructure, so that seems to be a common way to get in exercise. - Oct 2021

Gym on the compound; CrossFit, yoga, and other facilities around town. Not too expensive. We paid 140 Euros a month for four workouts a week at CrossFit. - Sep 2020

Lots of options on the economy, about the same price as the US. They also have a gym in the neighborhood for only Consulate families. It's pretty big and other family members hold Pilates and other work out classes that have been wonderful. - Mar 2020

Anything you want is here, at reasonable prices. Also, excellent walking paths. Germans walk everywhere. - Mar 2020

Gyms are kind of pricey, but they are all over the place. There are fancy gyms downtown and a CrossFit box just two metro stops away. - Feb 2020

The compound has a gym and tennis courts. German "baths" (indoor water parks) are also popular. - Sep 2019

There is a gym on the compound, many gyms around town, and a Cross Fit box accessible by the train. The prices are similar to the US. - Apr 2019

The gym at the consulate is being redone, once that is complete it should surpass the Siedlung gym. The Siedlung gym is fine - tons of cardio and lifting. Also, several EFM's and employees host onsite classes like Zumba, Pilates, yoga, martial arts, etc. - Sep 2017

They are available but not cheap. - Jan 2017

There's a tiny gym in the consulate, a medium sized gym on the housing compound, and any number of options on the economy. - Aug 2016

The consulate has a workout facility. Don't know about cost. - Feb 2016

Tiny gym in the Consulate building (free), decent size gym in the Siedlung Community (very reasonable) and many private gyms in the community. - Dec 2015

There is a perfectly adequate gym in the housing complex that his relatively inexpensive. There are loads and loads of public pools as well. - Mar 2014

The Consulate has a small gym. There is also a gym on the housing compound which requires a membership. - Nov 2013

Yes. - Apr 2012

Yes, cheap and on the apartment complex where everyone lives. - Mar 2012

Yes. The Consulate housing compound has one, and the equipment (especially the tread mills) isn't that great; however, it's convenient. I have friends that go to gyms downtown, and they seem happy with them. - Oct 2011

There is a small, rundown gym on the compound. It's affordable. Any on the local economy cost too much though. - Jul 2010

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