Frankfurt - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

The only thing I can recommend is to get away from the area. With that said, to escape the dismal winters, trips to the Canary Islands, or Morocco can really boost the spirits. - Oct 2022

Honestly, it's easy to find your own gems. Be careful who you tell, because you may notice in a week or two's time your "hidden" gem is now overrun. - Feb 2022

We loved going for bike rides into the country, exploring nearby towns and of course the German Christmas markets! - Oct 2021

Sachsenhausen has a flea market every Sat starting in March and ending around Christmas market time. - Mar 2020

Rhein River day cruising. I did it multiple times and took visiting friends on most occasions. - Feb 2020

Too many German tour guides for anything to be considered hidden. - Sep 2019

I loved the day cruises on the Rhein. Did them several times and never got tired of it. Experience the Apfelwein culture. - Apr 2019

Christmas markets. - Sep 2017

The Rhine River day cruises are a must. They are many day trips from Frankfurt to pretty German towns. The spas are fun if you are not too bashful about nudity. - Jan 2017

Lots of fun festivals. Christmas markets in December. Cruises on the Rhein. Wine tastings at any of the many vineyards in the area. - Aug 2016

German food initially seems rather bland and unimaginative. Sausage and more sausage. Pork and more pork. But once one starts to explore, the culinary adventures become more apparent. - Feb 2016

The possibilities are endless...get out and explore Europe by car, rail, or air. Many budget and inexpensive flights available from both Frankfurt and Hahn airports. - Dec 2015

Bicycle trips with stops to small cafes and bars. Walks downtown and up to the Galleria to see the panorama view of Frankfurt, day trips to small villages and towns and the Rhine River. - Mar 2014

Everyone should visit Wiesbaden, Germany and attend the Oktoberfest in Munich at least once. - Nov 2013

Lots. - Apr 2012

See above, plus great skiing within 2-4 hours, hiking and mountain biking in nearby Taunus Mtns. Pretty good food, lots of restaurants, travel, travel, travel. - Mar 2012

A lot of old castle towns, wine tours, hot springs. - Oct 2011

Tons. Parks, downtown, castles, traveling. Tons to do. - Jul 2010

It's the heart of Europe with a major airline hub. It's easy to go anywhere from here, but don't forget all the towns and castles to see within easy driving distance. There are so many parks, each with their on character. My family was never at a loss for something to do. - Jul 2008

Everything in Germany and Europe: plenty of castles, churches, amusement parks, historical sites, scenic routes, etc. - Feb 2008

There is something for everyone: hiking, skiing, English movies, festivals, castles, travelling a few hours to get to another country. For government employees, there are lots of activities and trips that are organized. For private industry, social life is often centered around school contacts. FIS has lots of activities. - Jan 2008

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