Frankfurt - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

No. - Aug 2023

None, thankfully. However, in general wasps can be a beast in the summer. - Oct 2022

No insects or critters, just mold. We suggest investing in a good dehumidifier; opening the windows a few times a week as recommended doesn't work. - Feb 2022

None for us, some people had minor any problems. - Oct 2021

Not in my experience. - Sep 2020

You will have stink bugs here. Also while outside in spring and summer, they have LOTS of bees. So do buy the drink covers. They are great. - Mar 2020

None. Which is odd! - Mar 2020

I did not have a problem, but there are apartments that have difficulty with mold. - Feb 2020

No problem with bugs/insects. - Sep 2019

Some folks have mold, but we did not. - Apr 2019

No. - Aug 2016

None. Well, our neighborhood is eaten up by rabbits. The kids like seeing all the bunnies, though, so there's that. - Feb 2016

None - Dec 2015

Not many, although note that many buildings and apartments don't have bug screens. - Jun 2014

None. I have never seen an insect here except for butterflies. - Mar 2014

Very few insects because of the cold weather and short summers. - Nov 2013

None. - Apr 2012

None. - Mar 2012

Yellow jackets seem to be endemic during the summer, otherwise it's Western Europe - so no problems. - Oct 2011

None. - Jul 2010

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