Frankfurt - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

The climate is extremely grey, mild temperature and can be misty often in the fall and winter. We did not experience a lot of snow, the children wished for it often, but it always rained instead in the winter. - Oct 2022

Mild all year round. You'll get a week of extreme heat, maybe, and a week or two of snow that sticks, maybe. - Feb 2022

As someone from the Midwest, I found the German winter very temperate and was pleasantly surprised that it didn't snow much in the winter. The summer can get a bit warm, but nothing that a clever use of window shades and fans can't overcome. GSO is issuing ACs now, which should alleviate most issues. - Oct 2021

You will have all four seasons. You are provided two portable AC units for the hot months. I believe we had about 5-6 weeks of extremely hot weather last summer. It does get cold but we had very little snow over the winter. They use radiant heat in most of the homes here and it works pretty well. - Mar 2020

Very hot in the summer with no A/C anywhere. Buses, trains, buildings, our apartments. It's so hot. Winter is dark but mild. Fall was pretty. - Mar 2020

Very temperate. A couple of weeks of really cold winter and a couple of weeks of hot summer, otherwise very comfortable. Less snow than I expected, but it snows a great deal within about a half an hour of Frankfurt. - Feb 2020

Not unlike the middle of the US. It has four distinct seasons. Usually snows a few times in the winter and often gets above 90 in the summer. Did I mention no AC on the housing compound? - Sep 2019

Wet, mild summers with the exception of about two to three weeks of hot weather. Winter is chilly but not bitter (with the exception of maybe a week or two). A little snow, but more rain. Easy to find snow though fewer than 30 minutes away. - Apr 2019

Wet and cold from mid-October to the end of April. Not a lot of snow. Most people take a trip to somewhere warm and sunny during winter (like most Germans). May through early October is lovely. Average highs in August are in the high 60s. - Jan 2017

Fairly temperate. Summers are warm, though not usually too hot. Winters aren't too cold (a bit of snow a couple of times per winter, usually) but can be very grey and rainy. Fall and spring are lovely. - Aug 2016

Wet. Wet. Wet. Occasionally wonderful for unexpected stretches then wet again. - Feb 2016

Summers can have intense heat waves and little air conditioning in housing and hotels. Winters have ranged from 30-50F degree highs in the past few years with little snow, though the year before we arrived there was a lot of snow. - Dec 2015

Very nice! Summer days are generally mild, with low humidity and lots of daylight. The occasional heat streak does hit but it's a dry heat and usually doesn't last more than a few days. Winters are not terribly cold but very dark - cloudy all the time, and dark by 5pm at the latest. Consider bringing a SAD lamp. - Jun 2014

Winters suck. Lots of darkness, dampness and cold blowing snow. BUT last year, the winter was fabulous! Mild and virtually no snow. It is a blessing and a curse because there was no snow in the Alps either. - Mar 2014

Nice summers, but they are short. Winters with a lot rain and snow. - Nov 2013

Mild winters with only a few hot days in the summer. Lots of rain. - Apr 2012

Variable. Not as cold and grey as I had thought, but the winters are dark and grey. The rest of the year in the 60's and 70's. Really nice. - Mar 2012

Cold and colder?Damp and damper? To be fair, the weather this fall has been exceptionally nice, but it's only been for about two weeks. Most of the summer it was warm, but this last summer it rained almost every day. The winters are long and gray, and this last winter there were higher than normal snowfall, and below average temperatures. - Oct 2011

Cold, long winters. Summer is nice. It's a very green city and as long as you don't mind winter, it's fine. - Jul 2010

Similar to DC. - Jul 2008

Rainy and cold. - Feb 2008

April through June can be gorgeous. September and October are usually reliably nice but summers can be anywhere from hot to quite cool. Winters are overcast but with little snow in the city. - Jan 2008

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