Frankfurt - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

No, I wouldn't buy much locally. Some pottery though. - Jun 2024

Yes and no: you have to travel to the specific German states if you want the "right" Christmas things, or the "right" cucuclocks, but the travel is part of the fun! - Feb 2022

Probably not. - Oct 2021

You can find a Bembel for your apple wine in Frankfurt, a Cuckoo clock from the black forest, you collectors mugs at Christmas time from every market are different. - Mar 2020

Not a shopping post. - Mar 2020

Christmas decorations. Bembels (clay pitchers for apple cider). Octoberfest clothing... - Feb 2020

Germany is noted for its Christmas markets. Make sure to visit them. - Sep 2019

It's a good place to get some lederhosen that will last you a lifetime. Christmas decorations. There are sponsored trips to Poland for pottery. - Apr 2019

Yes, beer steins, Polish pottery, and cuckoo clocks. If you are into Christmas ornaments, you will love the Christmas Markets each winter. - Jan 2017

Christmas crafts, bembels (jugs for apple wine), etc. - Aug 2016

Nothing particularly unique to purchase except the wide variety of Christmassy things at Frankfurt's, and each Germany town's individual Christmas markets. Germany is very into Christmas! - Feb 2016

Steins, Bembels, Cuckoo Clocks, decorations from the Christmas and Easter Markets - Dec 2015

Cuckoo-Clocks from Bavaria, every type of beer known to man kind, and all the trinkets and dust collectors you can purchase at the endless Christmas and Easter Markets as well as festivals. - Mar 2014

German beer. - Nov 2013

Food and travel. - Mar 2012

A lot of beer mugs, and other such handicrafts. I don't have much of an interest in this stuff though. - Oct 2011

Various items. Christmas markets are a big thing here. - Jul 2010

Beer! Best I've ever had... - Jul 2008

Great food items, travel, travel, travel. - Feb 2008

Nutcrackers, smokers, steins, traveling. - Jan 2008

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