Frankfurt - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

It's not like the US in terms of truly specialized care but most medical situations can be well-handled here on the economy. - Aug 2023

Medical care is excellent, the out of pocket costs for dental care can be alarming, however the out of pocket costs for just about all other medical needs are very reasonable in comparison to the States if not cheaper. - Oct 2022

Local medical care is incredible. The biggest thing that struck me: if you need a referral, either for a specialist or a CAT scan or something similar, there's no such thing as waiting weeks; they do it typically in the same day! It's also very affordable. The Health Unit seems very busy and in my opinion, it can be difficult to get an appointment ASAP. We tried going to the base (Wiesbaden) for some things, as we were instructed to by the Consulate upon arrival, but they turned us away as it's actually Wiesbaden's policy to NOT take new patients from the consulate. They instead instructed us to make an appointment at Kaiser-Lautern, which is nearly at the French border. - Feb 2022

Excellent medical care if you can find an English-speaking GP via referral. The Med Unit is good for simple medication refills or vaccinations. - Oct 2021

Medical care is excellent. - Sep 2020

Very good medical/dental care on the economy. However we have run into problems with none English speakers at the registration desks. Google translate has been amazing. - Mar 2020

Medical care is extraordinary. - Mar 2020

Seasonal allergies are a bummer, especially with no a/c in the apartments. The med unit is convenient and there are many doctors and hospitals to cover just about any medical situations. - Feb 2020

The local health care is as good as anywhere. However, people that are used to getting good health service through their embassy might be disappointed. The consulate's med section doesn't provide the same kind of service that is often provided in environments where outside services are not as available. - Sep 2019

Allergies. The tree pollen is killer. Medical care is excellent and affordable. Not aware of what might require evacuation. - Apr 2019

Excellent medical care. - Sep 2017

Health care is great. Doctors speak English but their staff might not. - Jan 2017

Post has a good medical unit for routine check ups and such. Lots of options for other care on the economy, but I don't have direct experience. My guess is that it'd take something quite serious to lead to a medical evacuation, but I'm not an expert. - Aug 2016

None. Healthcare is very good. - Feb 2016

No unusual health concerns. People's allergies seem to be worse here. Plenty of great medical care available. - Dec 2015

Lots of serious allergy and asthma problems. Local hospitals are good but very different from American hospitals. Lots of people deliver their babies here and complain about the lack of pain medication. There is an excellent Family Practice Clinic at the Consulate that can do everything you can get done at a doctors office in America. Plus more because they have a psychiatrist as well as two American doctors: one woman and one man. I go there all the time and love the nurses there who are great with shots and helping get appointment to dentists, etc. We are fortunate to have such a great clinic and it is free! They are very busy all of the time but you can still get an appointment the same day, in my experience. I haven't used places on the local economy but I have friends who do and local care seems good too. - Mar 2014

Medical care is wonderful here and cheaper than in the USA. Health concerns - allergies and asthma. - Nov 2013

Great. - Apr 2012

No, and equal to USA. - Mar 2012

No, and very good. - Oct 2011

Medical care is great here. Better than in the US. - Jul 2010

The family doctor we had was the best I've come across. - Jul 2008

Medical care is good. - Feb 2008

Medical care depends on the provider. Not quite like the U.S. (Germans believe in much less agressive treatment generally) but can be very good (or not), just get detailed referrals from a variety of people before you make an appointment. Dental care definitely not up to U.S. standards. - Jan 2008

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