Frankfurt - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Business casual for many offices, keep a suit jacket at work for the unexpected. - Oct 2022

Use your gut: dress up for more formal events. It's generally a casual city. Hoof it to the nearest H&M or Zara if you're concerned. - Feb 2022

As it's a Consulate most of travelling technicians, the dress code at work is the most casual I've seen overseas. Even the SFS/SES at post seem to rarely wear a tie. - Oct 2021

You see anything from button down shirts and jeans to suits. Depends on the office you work in. - Mar 2020

Varies greatly depending on the section (and there are so many sections here). Anywhere from formal business, to jeans and sneakers. - Mar 2020

Typical consulate attire, not quite the embassy, but not quite business casual either.... - Feb 2020

Depends totally on the section. Jeans are common in some sections and in others, it's almost always a suit. - Sep 2019

Take the cue from your work sponsor. There is considerable variation office to office in the Consulate. - Apr 2019

Less formal than I've seen at other embassies and consulates. - Sep 2017

Depending on your job at the consulate, jeans and shirt to suit and tie. More casual than most posts. - Jan 2017

The consulate trends more toward business casual. Frankfurt is a fairly conservative banking town, but also has a lot of young people so one sees the whole range of attire. - Aug 2016

Business casual at work. But for the weekend, I might leave the white socks at home. Germans don't really wear white socks ("White socks are for sport!") and will immediately mark you for an American if you do. They seem a bit better dressed than the regular American Joe, but you won't stand out (unless you wear shorts, or white socks) - Feb 2016

Work seems to be casual to business depending on the agency. In public you will see everything as well. - Dec 2015

Business casual is how I would describe it. It is a Consulate and not an Embassy after all! - Mar 2014

The Consulate dress code is business attire. In public it's better to fit in so you should dress casually but not in a sweat suit like we could do in the USA. - Nov 2013

Dressier than U.S. to go out, same as DC at work. - Mar 2012

Business to business casual. The bankers all wear suits. - Oct 2011

I would say Germans dress nicer than Americans, but my opinion is most Americans dress sloppy making the Germans look better. - Jul 2008

Informal, relaxed. - Feb 2008

Germans like to look well-groomed but not flashy. Dress code is much like the U.S. but maybe a bit more formal. - Jan 2008

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