Frankfurt - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

The CLO has a lot of things on the compound, book clubs and such. - Jun 2024

MeetUp works great! You can always find a group with a few English speakers who share your same hobbies. - Feb 2022

Socializing is easy, step outside and walk to the bar in the middle of the complex. - Oct 2021

The Community Liaison Office (CLO) here puts on lots of gatherings and hikes. They have Easter marketes, Christmas markets, Apple wine festivals, Fall festivals and of course asparagus festivals! Yes, Germans will find a reason to drink and eat! - Mar 2020

Everyone does their own thing. Those with little kids will congregate under your window to visit, while allowing their dozen or so kids to scream. - Mar 2020

There are activities on the Siedlung. Excellent restaurants, english language theatre and movies. Amateur theatre and improv groups in English. Street festivals, etc. etc. etc. - Feb 2020

Better than most any other post. Frankfurt is a large international business center. Socialization is not a problem. - Sep 2019

I was involved in local theatre, which was fun. There's comedy and improv in English. Lots of music, including jazz. Anyone touring Europe stops in Frankfurt. Street festivals are great ways to spend time with folks. Church provides a social outlet for some. - Apr 2019

There are groups on the compound but they like to exclude people. Some people socialize through churches. - Jan 2017

There are any number of clubs one can join. There are a lots of consulate-related activities if one makes an effort. - Aug 2016

Opera (2 opera houses), theatre, movies, symphony, you name it. Young people would probably better enjoy Berlin's nightlife but Frankfurt has a little for everyone here. But not a wild nightlife. You can even find first run movies in English here. Be sure you ask for the salty popcorn or you'll get the sweet kettlecorn. - Feb 2016

Movies, travel, restaurants, swimming pools in the summer - Dec 2015

Anything and everything you would find in any big Western Economy city. - Mar 2014

Touring throughout Europe; going to the movies (English); hiking and attending local festivals. - Nov 2013

Lots. - Apr 2012

Unlimited. - Mar 2012

Depends on what you want to do. I actually don't care for the night life here, so I tend to go to house parties. - Oct 2011

Pubs, theater, dance, anything you can think of. Germans have festivals for everything, a good reason to drink the finest beers in the world! - Jul 2008

Plenty of clubs, jazz bars, etc. - Feb 2008

Lots to do, lots of expats to socialize with. - Jan 2008

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