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What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

There are few EFM jobs available at the Consulate. - Feb 2022

There are some jobs at the school and some EFMS choose to telework. However, most people who wanted to work did so at the Consulate doing anything from escorting locals to managing programs. There are also many lower paying jobs working for the American association (CSA). - Oct 2021

The consulate has a lot of EFM jobs. - Sep 2020

The Consulate has the largest amount of EFM positions I have ever seen. Many family members teach classes from home, fitness classes at the CSA or sell things like baked goods, mental health help and tutoring. - Mar 2020

Frankfurt has one of the biggest EFM portfolios in the world. Lots of options here. - Mar 2020

There are many EFM jobs at the Consulate. - Feb 2020

Lots of consulate jobs are available and also jobs with the employee association. It is possible to get a good job on the local economy but is not easy. - Sep 2019

There were telecommuters, but I don't know of any spouses/partners working outside the Consulate other than for the community association. - Apr 2019

Most jobs were at the consulate for spouses. - Sep 2017

Many found telecommuting to work well. There are some, low-level jobs at the US Consulate. No one really helps you find work. - Jan 2017

There are a variety of EFM jobs at the consulate, some of which are quite substantive. It depends a bit on the luck of the draw of when you arrive at post and what's available at that point in time. I would think most jobs on the economy would require German ability, but maybe you could luck into something that doesn't require German with one of the multinational companies here. - Aug 2016

Not sure, but German labor laws will likely not favor the expat unless you have a work visa. - Feb 2016

Most work at the Consulate or School. I think it would be difficult to work here unless you spoke German. - Dec 2015

Not sure. There are a lot of jobs at the Consulate it seems. I think you have to be able to work in the EU to work on the Economy. I know one college-aged kid whose mother is Swedish and father is an FSO and she is working at Urban Outfitters for example. There are loads of multi-national corporations here, pharmaceutical companies and banks so there are opportunities I think but maybe not for those with a Dip Passport. - Mar 2014

Have no personal experience on this topic but I have heard that job opportunities are available if someone really wants to work. - Nov 2013

Yes. - Apr 2012

Maybe if you have some specialized skill or degree, but anything outside of a high profile banking job, or some other similar position at an international company; and you will definitely need German. - Oct 2011

Yes, tons. - Jul 2010

Not really, unless you're fluent in German. - Jul 2008

If you are fluent in German yes, if not, not so much. The consulate has admin type positions available all the time, but the pay is low compared to the DC area. - Feb 2008

There seem to be some. - Jan 2008

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