Frankfurt - Post Report Question and Answers

Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Some places take credit cards, but if you are going out to eat, you must take Euros in bills, as not all places take credit cards. - Jun 2024

Yes. No issues. - Aug 2023

Yes, they are, however Frankfurt is largely a cash dependent society especially at the Christmas markets and other festivities is a must. Even bakeries and cafes can be cash only. Using ATMs requires the same amount of caution in the states, be smart, if it looks shady don't use it. - Oct 2022

Credit cards became more widely accepted soon after COVID hit, but I would still carry cash wherever you go. Use ATMs just like you would in the States: only use your own, stay alert, try to use them in the daylight. - Feb 2022

The Germans don't like credit cards as much as the rest of Europe/US and their ATMs tend to be behind locked doors... However, the pandemic has changed a lot of that although I can't speak for how much. We didn't have too many troubles using our Visa for about 80% of our major purchases but one should carry a few hundred euros with you just in case. - Oct 2021

Weirdly, Germans love cash. You can usually pay by card but you should always have cash just in case. - Sep 2020

Oddly enough, credit cards aren't always taken here. Cash is king for sure. However you will need a local bank account to pay bills such as internet, medical and if you have kids school fees. - Mar 2020

No. You'll need a local German bank account, which takes about 2-4 weeks, and you'll receive a card from the bank. You'll use this card for local purchases. The Consulate has an ATM where we withdraw our cash. - Mar 2020

Yes, yes, and yes. Setting up your bank account can take some time with German/EU identity regulations, but once you have it there is no problem using your German ATM anywhere. - Feb 2020

American credit cards work fine. You will need to get a German bank account to pay certain bills including internet. - Sep 2019

I would say safer than in the US. Skimming is known but rare. Credit card machines come to your table at most restaurants. Cash is still king though and ATMs are widely available and safe. - Apr 2019

Everything is safe to use. Cash is always better, and some places don't accept credit, but the grocery stores accepted credit cards as did major restaurants. - Sep 2017

Yes and no. You can use them, but I found cash was easier. I only used credit cards to pay for hotels and plane tickets. - Jan 2017

Yes, credit cards are widely accepted and safe to use, though Germans are more likely to use cash than Americans are. ATMs all over the place, including one at the consulate. - Aug 2016

No issue there. - Feb 2016

Some smaller establishments and groceries only take cash or German "EC" (debit) cards. Using a credit card is safe but you should get a card with a chip as this may be the only kind accepted. - Dec 2015

No issues, plenty of ATMs here and they seem pretty safe. - Jun 2014

Credit cards not used as much as one would think for a fully developed economy. Make sure yours is "chipped" or it may not work at all. ATMs can be used everywhere and the Consulate is moving to an ATM based cash system. - Mar 2014

Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere but always double check. - Nov 2013

Safe to use anywhere, but your credit card must have a chip in it for most places to accept. - Apr 2012

Many restaurants do not take credit cards. The best exchange rate is at the consulate. - Mar 2012

German banks charge ridiculous fees to use their ATMs. You can open a German bank account, but again the maintenance fees are preposterous. - Oct 2011

It's fine here. - Jul 2010

Credit and ATM cards are widely accepted. The only place I found that dosen't take credit is the grocery stores. - Jul 2008

Both are available and easy to use. - Feb 2008

There's an ATM at the nearby REWE market (with fee) and the mall five minutes away. They take VISA at most places although not everywhere. - Jan 2008

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