Frankfurt - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes. You can't even get around most of our buildings easily with a mobility related disability. - Aug 2023

Absolutely. It is bizarre how unaccommodating the terrain, buildings and even most Ubahn stops are to a person that is unable to get around unassisted. - Oct 2022

Yes. There are accommodations, but not as frequent or obvious. - Feb 2022

For a major European city, I think they do well but it would still be far more challenging then being in the US. - Oct 2021

Many restaurants have bathrooms that are down stairs. So restaurants might be difficult. However accessing public transit are great. They have elevators at most stations or ramps. Many grocery stores near the housing are easy access as well. - Mar 2020

Of all the cities that we've lived, Frankfurt is the most equipped to assist those with disabilities. Now the irony is - the Siedlung is not at all equipped. Not handicap ramps, no elevators, multiple stairs in buildings, limited parking and maybe one handicap spot out of 500 parking places. - Mar 2020

The EU is pretty advanced relative to accessibility. The trains are accessible. - Feb 2020

They would be OK. Many ramps and elevators and marked parking spaces. - Sep 2019

Not moreso than in the United States. Germany has similar accessibility laws to the US, although some restaurants and hotels are hard to get to. There is at least one accessible apartment on the Compound. - Apr 2019

No. Most of the city and public transportation is accessible. - Jan 2017

Some. Many buildings are wheelchair-accessible, but it's not universal. - Aug 2016

Depends. Frankfurt as a city is not known for its accomodations for physical disabilities. - Feb 2016

It's probably easier than many posts. All buses are accessible and most U-bahn stations have elevators. The housing community does also have several accessible apartments. There may be some issues in certain very old buildings if there aren't elevators, but this probably isn't a problem in daily life. - Dec 2015

Not at all, this is a very accessible city. - Jun 2014

Yes because there are lots of cobble stoned roads and sidewalk. None of the housing complexes are very accommodating. I think there are only a couple of ground floor apartments that have ramps. - Mar 2014

Someone with physical disabilities may have some difficulties living here but the German government is improving access every day. - Nov 2013

None. - Apr 2012

Not much. - Mar 2012

Yes, some. While much of Frankfurt was rebuilt after WWII, there are still a lot of older buildings that are not convenient for someone with a physical disability. For whatever reason, almost all of the bathrooms are located in the basement down a narrow flight of stairs. The consulate apartment buildings all have stairs just to get inside, and none of them have elevators. - Oct 2011

Not too many. It's a little more difficult than DC, but not as much as some other European cities. - Jul 2010

Lots. Not very handicap friendly. - Jul 2008

Public transportation access would be challenging as there are not too many elevators or ramps. - Feb 2008

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