Frankfurt - Post Report Question and Answers

Is it easy to make friends with locals here? Are there any prejudices or any ethnic groups who might feel uncomfortable here?

There are a lot of prejudices, and considering the large military and expat community that exists in Germany, we were very surprised to witness it. However, we found there is an unspoken disdain shown toward anyone that might resemble a refugee, and even worse if you are African. There is a large refugee outreach that many Americans participate in, however, the day-to-day relations noticed between locals and people of color was telling. In my opinion, it isn't talked about enough even in the Consulate community. - Oct 2022

Germans can be a bit standoffish, but it was explained to me by a local that they know you're eventually leaving and they don't get in the business of make "temporary" friends. - Feb 2022

It can be hard to make local friends unless you REALLY try. You will likely live/work/school with just Americans from the Consulate. We made friends through my daughter's German school, but I don't know how else you would do it unless you put yourself out there regularly. - Oct 2021

Not really. Between the compound, language issues, and Germans generally taking a while to warm up to people, it's tough. - Sep 2020

I find many Germans do not socialize if they do not have to with others. You will find that some here are having problems with accepting refugees. - Mar 2020

Not so much. In my opinion, Germans in the Frankfurt area are not outgoing or friendly. Southern Germany is completely different. - Mar 2020

Germans are northern European, so can be hard to get to know, but they are warm and friendly once you break through. There is some racism and concern about refugees in Germany, but not necessarily more than in the United States. - Feb 2020

Germany has a growing anti-immigrant movement but so far it's fairly low-key and non-violent. Nothing to worry about at this point but something to monitor as time goes by. - Sep 2019

I think you can. I was a single dad, so didn't socialize too much. There is seemed to be some prejudice against refugees and blacks, but it did not out of line with the United States. - Apr 2019

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