Frankfurt - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Frankfurt is a great place to live, for families of all sizes and ages. The Siedlung, however, seems best for families with small children. Get out, explore, find your own fun. You'll eventually find something. - Feb 2022

Great for families! I am not sure I'd want to be post to Frankfurt as a singleton or as part of a couple though. - Oct 2021

I think this city can be good for all types. Many places to be social or you can be a hermit if you prefer. - Mar 2020

Better for families with young kids. Those of us with grown kids or who choose not to have them, are subjected to a lot of noise. Couples have a lot of opportunity for travel. Teens do well because their schools are top-notch and their freedom exceeds what they would have anywhere. - Mar 2020

Frankfurt is a good city period. - Feb 2020

Good for anybody. - Sep 2019

Yes, yes, yes. The nightlife (especially music) is great in Frankfurt. Germans are a little hard to get to know, but they like to have fun, and most like to practice their English. There is a great deal to do for couples as well and great getaways within easy distances. The compound is a great place for kids where you literally can yell at them to go outside and play and not worry about them. There's a fenced in playground on the compound and all their friends from school will be there.... - Apr 2019

As an American diplomat, it is essential you have children or you will be ostracized by the American community. I do not recommend for single people, or God forbid, couples without children. My wife was refused admittance to the Mom's Book Club because she was not yet a mother. Once, we had a baby people were all of sudden nicer to us. Also, the average age at post is much higher than one in the Middle East, so if you are under 40 you will be treated like a kid. - Jan 2017

I think there's something for everyone here. - Aug 2016

Great place for everyone. - Feb 2016

yes for all of the above - Dec 2015

Great for all except for the housing issues mentioned above. Also, the housing compound seems to have a very mommy-club/family vibe as well. Expect to look for entertainment elsewhere if you don't have kids. - Jun 2014

Great for all and this housing complex is wonderful for those with little kids as there are great playgrounds and lots of space to run around. - Mar 2014

Yes, this a good city for everyone (families, singles, and couples). - Nov 2013

Yes. - Apr 2012

Yes, one can find everything here. - Mar 2012

Definitely not bad for families and couples. I wouldn't suggest it for singles. - Oct 2011

Yes, the city is. The compound seems to be fine with families, especially for parents that are fine with letting their kid(s) run around on their own. The city is safe over all, and I believe has enough for couples, singles and families alike. - Jul 2010

Great for family and couples. Single friends tell me it's tough. - Jul 2008

Yes, for all. - Feb 2008

Good for all. - Jan 2008

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