What do people who suffer from environmental or food allergies need to know?

Bring a mask, be smart about your time outside. If you have food allergies... I would bring something translated into Albanian that you can show to waiters so that they understand the seriousness of what you are asking. - Jul 2019

Basically WASH everything before preparing it for a meal. Food is very fresh here, and it seems that there is little pesticide use. That being said, wash all fruits and vegetables before serving them. - Jun 2016

There are a lot of fruit trees here and some people really suffer with seasonal allergies. I had terrible allergies in DC but none here, but my husband had none in DC but terrible here. You never know. Pollution/air quality can be bad in winter. - May 2016

Pollen can be a problem. Vegetarians will have a hard time. And everyone will develop new respiratory issues due to pollution. Don't be surprised. - Aug 2015

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