What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

It's good to educate yourself at least a bit about the 1999 war. It's very real for many people. Politics here are kind of a mess, don't fully expect to understand it all, ask lots of questions, people are very happy to share their stories and perspectives. Albanians are anything but shy! - Jul 2019

Good question. Probably about the really bad air and the inequality between men and women anywhere outside Pristina. - Nov 2016

The political situation and Kosovo's standing in the world community. How it (as a country) feels about itself. The Serbia - Albania connection or rather disconnection. How the people feel about themselves as well. All of this plays in to how the state is or is NOT set up and runs. - Jun 2016

More about the history of the region. - May 2016

How long and challenging the winter would be. How rejuvenating local travel could be (we put off our first out of Kosovo trip for far too long.) - Aug 2015

More about Balkan history - from the Illyrians to the Ottomans. - Jun 2014

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