Pristina - Post Report Question and Answers

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This is a great post! Reach out to people on Facebook or through the CLO to get the most up to date information. This is a very friendly and open community. - Jul 2019

Sometimes, there a power and water cuts. Sometimes for hours. And houses are poorly insulated which means you have lots of costs for heating but when it's really cold outside, you will feel it on the inside. Street asphalt or cobble stone is very slippery when rainy or snowy. They don't clean the snow like you are used to Western Europe. Better leave your car home and walk (if you have good shoes). Pollution is a big concern. - Nov 2016

My disappointment and regret in coming here is tempered by my age, travel experience (15 years as an expat), and my attempt to try to like the city and its people... all to no avail. You can judge a place by how it treats its poor and disenfranchised, its animals, and how it takes care of its environment with regard to making the city a cleaner, brighter place to live. But, sadly, I can only say they are in sore need of re-education in all these ares. - Jun 2016

This is a fantastic spot if you are adventurous; however, two years is plenty! - Jun 2014

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