Pristina - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Most people have their kids at ISK or QSI, however there are other options. Pristina High School (K-12) is popular with non-embassy expats, but is a little further away from most of the embassy housing. I've known people with kids also at the Finnish school (they were not thrilled with it) and the British school. We've known some expats who have attended RIT-Kosovo / American University of Kosovo. - Aug 2021

There are two main international schools: ILG and QSI. My kids go to ILG and we've been really happy with it so far. ILG is bigger, with about 130 kids and has an Infant Creche- 8th grade. QSI is much smaller, but is really the only option if you have kids older than 8th grade. Ask the CLO to connect you with families so that you can get an updated perspective. - Jul 2019

ILG is very good, but recently only from Kindergarden to 5 grade. Best experience. Small classes, very motivated teachers. We are satisfied. There is also QSI (they just started), and for older children, and Pristina High School (from Middle school). I was told that it is good, but I have no personal experience. - Nov 2016

American School of Kosovo and QSI. If your kids are over 5 years old, I would recommend not bringing them here. Schooling is limited. QSI is right next door to the Embassy, but it is small, and a lot of classes are mixed-age; kind of like "Little House on the Prairie". A little one-room class room situation. - Jun 2016

There are two main ones that embassy families use - ILG and QSI. ILG is near the international townhouse community and QSI is near the Embassy. QSI opened in Fall 2015 and is now the Embassy school. - May 2016

No direct experience. People seemed to like ILG. Post just became fully accompanied a few years ago, so this school thing is new. - Aug 2015

Not really available and not recommended. - Jun 2014

There are several, but not yet to U.S. standards. American School of Kosova is private, owned by Albanians, run by Albanians and Canadians, but with many American teachers. Pristina High School - not-for-profit. Many American teachers. International Learning Group - not-for-profit. Many American teachers. - Apr 2013

None available at the time, though I hear that's changing. - Sep 2012

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