Pristina - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Very welcoming to Americans; there is a statue of Bob Dole at the corner of Bill Clinton Boulevard and George Bush Street. - Aug 2021

Everything is so inexpensive. You can travel to so much of Europe from here. Roads keep getting better. People are awesome. It's a hidden gem for sure. - Jul 2019

Nice people, good food, short distance to nice places abroad, inexpensive. - Nov 2016

You are here for either your career or your significant other's career. After that, there are NO advantages to living here. It is a good idea to read the Fact Book on Kosovo and its history in order to understand Kosovo's position from its own perspective and that of the world community before arriving here. That way you understand why, unlike Europe or other countries, it can be a disappointment. Then, on the other hand, the one advantage I can think of is that if you are starting a family and your kids are newborn-5 years old, it can be a good experience for all. - Jun 2016

Kosovo is centrally located in the Balkans making regional travel very easy. A five-hour drive will take you to some amazing places. Kosovo (and the Balkans) are very cheap; you can easily save money even if you travel. We think the weather is great - four seasons but not extreme. And summers aren't humid, which is a big plus. Albanians/Kosovars love children. There are very nice indoor play areas all over for young kids. Americans are generally well-liked here. - May 2016

Amazing travel in the region. Kind, warm, hospitable people. Good restaurants that are incredibly cheap. A very low cost of living in general. The best strawberries you have ever tasted. - Aug 2015

The people are incredibly warm and friendly. They absolutely adore children. The food is very good and the prices are very reasonable. Spring and summer is gorgeous, with roses blooming everywhere. Summer and fall bring fresh fruit growing from the trees all over town. - Jun 2014

This is a great jumping off point for touring the Balkans. The people here are friendly and, for the most part, love America and Americans. It's a good place to save money (though that would be limited if you take full advantage of the opportunity to tour the Balkans!). - Apr 2014

I went in setting my expectations at the lowest level. That way, whatever the post-conflict region had to offer would be a pleasant surprise. Our mission considered it a hardship post. It was not that hard, really. There were a lot of good restaurants, and a new big grocery store opened up outside of town, but there was a small market on every other block for the essentials. The hardship is in the air quality and in getting around on foot and by car. For a good bike experience, I recommend first driving to better roads outside of town. - Apr 2013

The Albanian majority Kosovars genuinely love Americans and are very welcoming. The ethnic Serb population is a little less pleased but still very welcoming. Summers are very pleasant, and there are many outdoor activities, including hiking. There isn't a lot to do or see culturally, but it's also easy to get to Greece adn Macedonia by car for a weekend, and by air to many other European destinations. - Sep 2012


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