Pristina - Post Report Question and Answers

What kind of car do you recommend bringing to post, given the terrain, availability of parts, burglary/carjacking risks, etc.? What kind of car do you advise not to bring?

If you are going to travel around the Balkans, make sure you have a really reliable vehicle and I'd recommend something with high clearance. There are plenty of potholes around town. We've had some trouble finding parts. - Aug 2021

Something with clearance as there are lots of potholes/construction/uneven roads. - Jul 2019

A small SUV is ideal, as streets are not so good and can be narrow and parking places are limited. Other cars will also work, but you have to be more careful. - Nov 2016

Bring a small SUV, 4WD vehicle, CRV, or RAV-4 type of vehicle. - Jun 2016

A small 4WD with some clearance is best for going off paved roads, driving up on sidewalks, and potholes. We have a RAV4 (like many) and the Toyota dealership takes the VAT form for maintenance. While this is ideal, any vehicle will make it. There are still Yugos on the road here. - May 2016

Highly recommend a 4WD/AWD small SUV. Very useful when you're going off paved road -- which you will be doing more than you expect. Also critical on icy roads in the winter. - Aug 2015

Toyota RAV-4s were the vehicles of choice. Bring something with some ground clearance and a smaller 4x4 will definitely come in handy. Most people park on the sidewalk, so you have to be able to make it up there. - Jun 2014

Our regular sedan coupe was fine, but it did need new suspension parts after a year. We mail-ordered the parts through the DPO and had a local mechanic do the job. It was all fine. Mostly German-manufactured autos on the road driven by locals, but expats brought a lot of Japanese cars, particularly a lot of Toyota Rav4s, which did well. I would not rely on a local service provider if the car was newer with lots of computer operations. They know the old-fashioned way, mostly. I did notice a Honda dealer in Skopje, about an hour south of Pristina. Driving around town can be crazy due to driver behavior. I was glad we took an old car, so a few scuffs did not bother us. It is also very dusty and dirty there due to the dry climate. Fortunately, car washes are only about 5 Euro, and you can sit in a cafe and have a 50-cent macchiato while you watch and wait. - Apr 2013

Streets are narrow, so a big SUV is definitely out. A sedan is fine for 90% of what you will do. If you want to get out into the really rural areas, something with higher ground clearance is good. RAV-4 and Outbacks were popular. Parking is a hassle in the city. - Sep 2012

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