Pristina - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

TONS of restaurants and delivery services. Many places take orders via Facebook. Restaurant Fiorentina is one of our favorites for steak and salmon. We also like Rron. I had heard about how much Pristina had a "cafe culture" and great macchiatos. While that is true, I didn't get to enjoy it the way I had hoped due to the ubiquitous cigarette smoke whether you sit inside or outside. - Aug 2021

Lots of restaurants carry the same fare - we call it "Italian-ish" - pizza, risotto, steak, burgers (but with Balkan spices); some are definitely better than others. Recently we've had a sushi place open up that's expensive, but good, and a Mexican place also opened that has been getting positive reviews from expats. There is a Thai place run by a lovely Thai woman and her husband, and an Indian-ish place that is okay if you're a little desperate. In terms of "chains" that people might be familiar with, we have Dominos, Burger King, KFC, and Taco Bell/Subway at Bondsteel. Most places will deliver if you pay the cab fare. We often will call ahead and do carry-out on our way home from work. - Jul 2019

Many. I especially like Liburnia restaurant, Gresa, Pinoccio, Detari (fish and sea food). But in more than one year, I never ate anything really bad. - Nov 2016

Restaurants: Pinocchio's (local/Italian/continental foods and wonderful wines), Cleo's Pub/Restaurant (great burgers and spirits; also serves brunch on Sundays until 4pm). - Jun 2016

No American fast food. Pizza, qebap, and burek can be found everywhere. There's also a place to buy rotisserie chickens. Restaurants are cheap, plentiful and can be very good. Variety is lacking. Other than the standard fare (grilled meat/vegetable/pasta/pizza), there is also Thai, Indian/Nepalese, Spanish/tapas and a NY steakhouse-style restaurant. - May 2016

Fast food: qebaptores, burektores, all varieties of pan-Balkan snacks. Often delicious and very cheap. Restaurants are unpredictable. Some of the fanciest looking places are just "meh," but there are many very good ones. Prices are very low -- dinner for two with wine at the best places rarely tops US$40. All that said, variety is lacking. There's one Indian place (run by Nepalis), one Thai place, and the rest are local cuisine or Italian-ish. The best places are in or around Pristina. It does get a bit monotonous. - Aug 2015

There is no such thing as fast food in Kosovo. There is a brand new American-style craft brewery that opened a brew pub, called Sabaja's. Check it out, especially if you're home sick. There are several delicious local restaurants, with Renaissance II being the highlight, along with Tiffany's, Pinocchio, Mozaik, Rron, and Basillico being my favorites. Not many places deliver though the Thai restaurant and Nepalese restaurant will throw your food in a cab. - Jun 2014

There are no American restaurants available here. However, local restaurant options are good and inexpensive. - Apr 2014

Many, many restaurants. Mostly Italian food, seafood, pizza, and Turkish food. There is only one Chinese place and one Irish pub. Street food is burek (stuffed pastry with spinach, beef, or cheese fillings). If you have a sodium-restricted diet, I recommend you cook at home. If you order a grilled trout, for example, it will be salt-encrusted. There are bakeries on every corner selling heavenly-smelling fresh, white Albanian-style bread in small and large rounds. If you want heartier bread, a PanExpert (German chain) has opened one location downtown. If you like to eat pork (and they serve huge servings of it) go to Gracanica, the Serbian neighborhood about 20 minutes' drive outside town. They don't speak much English over there, so having the Serbian phrases would be helpful there, too. The Albanian population is nominally Muslim, so pork is not usually available at restaurants or grocers. Usually what you find is some dried pork imported from Croatia. - Apr 2013

There are no internationally known fast food franchises, but lots of fast food is available from small vendors. There are more decent restaurants than you'd expect, due to the large international presence. - Sep 2012

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