Pristina - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Very temperate with lovely four seasons. Tends to be dry. Pristina is at elevation and it is easy to get dehydrated. The weather is really wonderful, with the exception that the cold brings pollution. - Aug 2021

Pretty mild, like DC. - Jul 2019

Can be very cold in winter, with snow. Isolation of houses is a problem. Spring and autumn can be very wet, but also nice and sunny. Summers are generally hot and dry. - Nov 2016

Winter months are rainy and cold, sometimes with snow and freezing temperatures. The terrain is hilly, and roads are made of cobblestone and concrete/asphalt, so they are extremely slippery even on dry days. But throw in the cold weather, and then one should consider if driving should be an option. Summer and spring can be very nice, temperatures in low 60s to mid-high 70s. - Jun 2016

Four seasons. It's like DC, except it isn't humid. Winters can be mild or you can get a lot of snow. Summers can be hot, but since there's no humidity, it is really pleasant. There's a lot of wind. - May 2016

Beautiful if too short spring and summer. Cold autumn and winter, often wet and sometimes quite snowy/icy. - Aug 2015

Summers are dry and hot, springs can be very wet, winters can be bitterly cold (though I never saw the legendary snow in my 2 years there), and falls are lovely. - Jun 2014

I enjoy the climate here, but that's because I enjoy winter and I've been without it at our two previous posts. If you don't like cold weather or snow, you won't enjoy the winters here. Summers are a bit warm but not horribly hot. - Apr 2014

The air is very dry, year-round. Drink lots of water, especially with all that coffee. It's like Arizona dry. It is dusty in the summer. Winters are cold. Our first winter had no snow, but in the second winter the first snow was in October. Then in January, we got dumped on straight through March. The highest accumulation was about a foot at a time. Road-clearing equipment is generally not available generally so the snow just piles up and gets compacted by driving. Take your Yak-trax or other crampons for your winter boots, since the compacted snow piles can become icy. - Apr 2013

Continental. Four seasons, with snow in winter. Most streets are not plowed, so you should bring tire chains...and YakTrax for your boots --- the cobblestones get very slippery. - Sep 2012

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