Pristina - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

The embassy health unit is excellent. Local primary care and specialists are so-so. Various things are referred to Skopje for higher level testing or specialists. Qeshu Dental has a US-trained dentist who is excellent and very affordable. Serena Massage & Physical Therapy is awesome for massages. - Aug 2021

Air quality in the winter is terrible and all housing comes with air filters. The US Embassy med unit is great, and the local providers are good for things like x-rays and other smaller procedures (have known people to have their appendix taken out, my son broke his arm, etc.) They also send people to Skopje for something that needs more than Pristina, but less than a full medevac. I believe the medevac point for Kosovo is London. - Jul 2019

Very bad air, due to the Obilic power plant, and to heating in winter. Medical care is not up to Western standards. Get a good insurance which will cover medical evacuation in case of emergency. If in doubt, go to Western Europe for medical treatment. - Nov 2016

Pollution/bad air caused by burning of various fuel types, especially during winter or colder periods. - Jun 2016

The Health Unit can handle small things, but you'll be medevaced for anything complicated. Local medical care is not good. - May 2016

Tons. Medical care is notoriously poor, though the Embassy health unit is very good. If you have a serious issue, expect to be sent to Skopje or to London. - Aug 2015

You get medevac'd for minor issues. Do not come to Kosovo if you have medium to severe medical issues. You do not want to go to a local hospital. - Jun 2014

This is not a good post for those who require specialized medical care. Even for rather routine specializations, most people choose to travel to Skopje, Macedonia (less than 2 hours away), to receive care. Expats who develop more serious health problems while here routinely travel to Thessaloniki, Greece (I think 3 or 4 hours away), for treatment. Local options are available but not particularly recommended. - Apr 2014

Dentistry is okay locally. I think the one dentist that everyone went to was trained either in the U.S. or in Germany, but he spoke English fluently. - Apr 2013

Anyone with respiratory issues would be miserable in the winters. - Sep 2012

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