Pristina - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Quite a large expat population, especially with the foreign aid that has been invested by various countries over the last twenty years. It's easy to meet and get to know expats from multiple countries. Most of the non-embassy Americans I've met have been or plan to be in Kosovo long-term. - Aug 2021

It's a fairly large expat community since there are so many missions here: UN, EU (several different groups here from the EU, other diplomatic missions. The morale seems to be good. - Jul 2019

Moderate, decreasing. Morale varies a lot. - Nov 2016

Morale is variable: from long-suffering to upbeat and positive, depending why you are posted here and how often you can get out of Pristina. There is an expat community, but it does not appear to be cohesive. You have to make the effort. The community seems to take of the persona of the host country-city: not very welcoming or hospitable compared to what you find in other European countries. - Jun 2016

Large though it's getting smaller. Morale varies based on how long they've been in Kosovo and the season. - Aug 2015

The expat community is a decent size. You'll find folks from all over. Morale waxes and wanes; it just depends on the leadership and the weather. - Jun 2014

Large with the Bilateral Missions from many countries, and several multinational missions. Plus all the school teachers. - Apr 2013

Large. - Sep 2012

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