Pristina - Post Report Question and Answers

What English-language religious services are available locally?

These are the five local protestant churches in Pristina which offer some English language translation. Drita e Botës (Light of the World) Kisha Protestante "Bashkësia Ungjillore e Mesisë" (Gospel Community of the Messiah) Bashkësia e Popullit të Zotit (Fellowship of the Lord’s People) Bashkesia Golgota / Calvary Chapel Impact Pristina Mother Teresa Cathedral has English services in the afternoon. There are chaplains at both Bondsteel and KFOR, and I've heard there are regular English Protestant and Catholic services. Check Facebook to verify details of service times and locations -- everyone in Kosovo uses FB for business. - Aug 2021

St, Anthony's (Catholic) has 5 p.m. services in English on Sundays. KFOR has both Protestant and Catholic services: Catholic service on Sundays at 2pm at KFOR and at Camp Bondsteel. Check with DAO for hours and days of services for both Catholic and Protestant services. - Jun 2016

No idea. - Jun 2014

Chapel services on NATO bases for those who have access, Calvary Chapel, a local Evangelical church with English translation, a couple of Catholic or Orthodox churches with English translation, LDS. - Apr 2014

Yes, Catholic and Protestant. - Apr 2013

Yes, I know Christian services were held, but am unsure of exact denomination. - Sep 2012

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