Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Sidewalks are hit and miss, though they do seem to be building more. There aren't a lot of stairs, but I don't think that it would be an easy place to be in a wheelchair or have crutches. - Jul 2019

Definitely. - Nov 2016

YES! If you have physical disabilities this is a HARD city to navigate. Roads and sidewalks are not easily managed, even for those with no health/disability concerns. The streets are cobblestone and are not always maintained. Road and sidewalk infrastructure is not the best. There is a stairway that starts at the top of the hill near KFOR and USAID and runs down to the "city-centre", and the stairs there are crumbling and you have to criss-cross the stairs to avoid slipping/falling on a broken step. This is the shortcut from top to bottom of the hill; otherwise you have to go out and then walk up streets to get to your home if it is located near the "Embassy Row". - Jun 2016

Yes; hills and steps are everywhere. Steps are often in disrepair. There might be sidewalks, but it usually has crumbling mortar and a car parked on it. - May 2016

Yes. The city was not designed to be accessible. - Aug 2015

Yes, they would have a very difficult time. No matter which direction you go, you're generally headed uphill. There are stairs everywhere. The streets and sidewalks are cobblestone or brick pavers and are very uneven. - Jun 2014

Many troubles. I would not recommend this post for someone using a wheelchair or power chair. Walking without any disability can be hazardous to your health, due to cars parked on sidewalks or uneven pavements. The Med Unit told us that foot and leg injuries were the most common, and there is the occasional wrist injury when someone tries to brace their fall. Before leaving the country, I did notice an effort to make some curb cuts downtown, but not in any organized fashion. - Apr 2013

Many. Nothing is wheelchair accessible, including the USG facilities. - Sep 2012

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