Pristina - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

This is the Balkans. . . Ethnic tensions run deep. However, it doesn't seem to impact most people in the capital on a day-to-day basis (unless you are Roma). Friends have said that it is more of an issue in the regions and villages. - Aug 2021

Most of the problems are between the Albanians and the Serbians, but as an outsider living in the capital you do not see or feel that on a regular basis. One thing that is hard to get used to at first is that everyone has a war story, the war effected everyone in a very powerful and serious way. - Jul 2019

There is friction with the Serbian community. There might be some kind of gender equality in Pristina, but anywhere outside the city, there's not. - Nov 2016

Does not appear to be. - Jun 2016

Yes, I think the previous posters captured it. - May 2016

Yes, of a sort. Albanians and Serbians instinctively do not trust one another, and live segregated lives. This is a major issue for the survival of the country, and will certainly affect your work if you are in the diplomatic or development world. Gender prejudice also abound, especially outside of Pristina. However, these prejudices seldom affect expats' daily lives. - Aug 2015

There are definitely ethnic tensions amongst the local Albanian majority and the Serbian, Roma, and Turkish minorities. However, the younger generation seems very upbeat about getting past differences. Also, men are definitely the preferred sex. If you're female, expect to get served after the men and to get cat-called on the street. Local women are expected to work, run the household, manage the children, and serve their husbands. Many have a tough go of it. - Jun 2014

Hearsay only: I have heard that a couple of colleagues of Asian-American and African-American descent were not comfortable. - Apr 2013

Yes, still some problems with race issues. A little bit with gender too. - Sep 2012

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