Pristina - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Great for families, and the singles and couples I know seem to like it, too. - Aug 2021

Most people travel a LOT, either by car or taking a cheap flight on WizzAir. Either with or without kids, there are lots of places to explore and it's fairly cheap and easy to do so. - Jul 2019

For all, I would guess. But keep in mind health concerns and bad air quality. - Nov 2016

Yes, good for all, though not sure about singles and dating. Also, families with small children seem to do better than families with older kids. There's no good high school option. - May 2016

Good for all for various reasons. For singles I hear nightlife can be quite something, though I don't know what dating would be like. For couples life would probably be very rich, especially with the travel. For families it was quite good, especially with comfortable housing and good childcare. - Aug 2015

There's a decent dining/nightlife scene for those who like to eat, drink, and dance. However, there is not much to do for any group and it can get boring. You really need to make your own fun especially when it's cold out. However, once it warms up, the cafe culture is quite large. - Jun 2014

This is a good city for singles and couples--for a long time, post was limited to families without children. Since post was opened to families with children, the embassy culture has changed so that it is VERY welcoming to children. There are several indoor play areas and outdoor parks in the city. Nannies are readily available. The only potential problem is the quality of educational options, but as my child is not yet school age, I have no experience with schools and will leave further comments to those who do have such experience. - Apr 2014

Yes. We are a couple with no children, but singles found plenty of nightlife, and families seemed to be enjoying it as well. - Apr 2013

Probably better for couples than singles - most of the singles had a difficult time trying to date locally. But still plenty of stuff to do, though nightlife options are limited. - Sep 2012

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