What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

gGeat place to live and work, but with real challenges too. You'll earn the hardship, but it will be a fun ride too. - May 2020

How difficult it is to feel as though I'm being watched or listened to all the time. - Nov 2019

How bad the traffic is and how long a 10 mile commute is. Give yourself an hour to get anywhere. More if it is further than 10 miles. This country is not cheap or easy to travel around. - Oct 2017

The air is bad. We all know that, but, it's serious. - Dec 2015

Level of Chinese required and the inconvenience of the traffic. - Apr 2015

Perhaps because of our lack of language, perhaps because of a more insular culture, it has been very hard to socialize with Chinese families. - Jul 2014

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