Beijing - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

We had weevils in cereal once, and have encountered the occasional roach. They probably came in from outside in the groceries. There's a mosquito issue in the summer. - Nov 2021

No. We've had some mold in the summer but that's about it. - Nov 2020

None. Beijing is a dry city which probably helps. - Jul 2020

Just the usual ants and similar. - May 2020

Yes, mice sometimes can be found. It's very dry for 6 months at a time so everything dies, but in the summer when it's hot, rainy and humid there are lots of mosquitoes. - Nov 2019

Surprised at how many mosquitoes there are in the summer and fall. - Oct 2017

None to speak of. - Dec 2015

A lot of mosquitos in the summer. - Apr 2015

Some mosquitos and the itch is quite brutal if you're bitten. Overall, it's not too bad in the city. No ants or other insects. - Aug 2014

Mosquitoes in the suburbs during the summer months. Other than that, no problems. - Jul 2014

None. Very little nature survives in Beijing. - Jun 2013

Not much. A few mosquitoes in summer; a few roaches around some restaurants. - Aug 2011

None - Apr 2011

Lots of mosquitoes in the summer (some places worse than others), also cockroaches and ants. There is no malaria here though. - Jan 2011

Mosquitoes are awful. We sleep under mosquito nets. Occasional ants. That's about it, really. - Apr 2010

Mosquito-borne Japanese encephalitis, but not much else. - Jan 2010

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