Beijing - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

No. We've had some mold in the summer but that's about it. - Nov 2020

None. Beijing is a dry city which probably helps. - Jul 2020

Just the usual ants and similar. - May 2020

Yes, mice sometimes can be found. It's very dry for 6 months at a time so everything dies, but in the summer when it's hot, rainy and humid there are lots of mosquitoes. - Nov 2019

Surprised at how many mosquitoes there are in the summer and fall. - Oct 2017

None to speak of. - Dec 2015

A lot of mosquitos in the summer. - Apr 2015

Some mosquitos and the itch is quite brutal if you're bitten. Overall, it's not too bad in the city. No ants or other insects. - Aug 2014

Mosquitoes in the suburbs during the summer months. Other than that, no problems. - Jul 2014

None. Very little nature survives in Beijing. - Jun 2013

Not much. A few mosquitoes in summer; a few roaches around some restaurants. - Aug 2011

None - Apr 2011

Lots of mosquitoes in the summer (some places worse than others), also cockroaches and ants. There is no malaria here though. - Jan 2011

Mosquitoes are awful. We sleep under mosquito nets. Occasional ants. That's about it, really. - Apr 2010

Mosquito-borne Japanese encephalitis, but not much else. - Jan 2010

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