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What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Professional and business casual at work, depending on your job. Formal dress for events such as the Marine Ball. - Nov 2021

Business. I've never needed formal attire but some people do. - Nov 2020

Work is usually business attire, currently business casual due to the ongoing evacuation. - Aug 2020

Formal at work, relatively casual outside at work, depending on where you're going and what you're doing. - Jul 2020

Only for balls. Pretty casual most of the time. - May 2020

Yes, formal dress is needed. - Nov 2019

Dress code is similar to the U.S. - Oct 2017

Chinese people are pretty laid back. At my office I almost never wear a tie. It's chill. - Dec 2015

business casual. - Apr 2015

Dress code is mixed - from all ut suits to simple dress shirts and no ties. No jeans or shorts. - Aug 2014

It is quite formal at the embassy. I see a lot of suits. The Chinese public are actually fairly casual and anything goes as far as daily clothing. - Jul 2014

At my workplace, business attire - Jun 2013

Work is mostly suits and skirts. In public, it's kind of an anything-goes affair: you'll see men rolling their shirts up in summer to air their bellies; the elderly wearing pajamas on the street; and plenty of East Asian "fashion" that will make you wonder. The rest of the people dress fairly plainly. - Aug 2011

Nice casual. I wouldn't wear a sweat shirt out with sport shoes out and about though. When I do I always feel way under dressed. - Apr 2011

In my industry, it's casual, but this is an exception. In China, people consider it important to look professional - suit, tie and slacks are standard professional attire for men, and women wear slacks and a blazer. That being said, as a foreigner you may be able to get away with a lot - people expect foreigners to be different. - Jan 2011

I see an awful lot of Chinese women who think the height of fashion is stiletto heels, tights, shorts and a "Hello Kitty" t-shirt. So ... anything goes. I dress the same way I did back home and haven't bought a Hello Kitty t-shirt ... yet. - Apr 2010

Neat, clean and tidy and not overly casual. The Chinese are not sloppy! - Jan 2010


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