Beijing - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Loads of events and activities. It's not hard to have a social life here. I have a toddler so I tend to stay home a lot, but there are plenty of options for those so inclined. - Nov 2021

Beijing is a major modern city. If you have a bit of the language, and even if you don't, there is something here that will be your speed. - Nov 2020

Bars, restaurants, Great Wall hikes, climbing gyms, cooking classes....really countless options. - Jul 2020

Lots of groups and clubs of all kinds. - May 2020

Cannot socialize with the local people. - Nov 2019

If you are out by the schools it is easy to visit and have dinner with neighbors. Downtown there are expat clubs but from Shunyi the trip in and the commute does not make it attractive. - Oct 2017

Going out for all varieties of Chinese food, going to a kung fu show, dancing, what have you. - Dec 2015

Dinner and get togetehrs with other expats. - Apr 2015

The Great Wall, bars, restaurants. There are many parks and temples but after you see one or two of them, you wonder if you've already been there because they all look the same. there's really not much inside Forbidden City to see (big hype). Summer palace is nice but only if you don't go during summer time when it's shoulder-shoulder. The Beijing zoo has some pandas but they were dirty and lazy, yet another hype. The Center for Performing Art (the Egg) can be a good entertainment, depending on what's playing. - Aug 2014

We go out for dinners with friends a lot and have frequent at-home, casual gatherings with kids and adults. Much of the social life involves eating:) That is true among the Chinese public as well though. - Jul 2014

Yes, tons of expats, good restaurants and bars. - Jun 2013

Plenty of places to go out for dining and entertainment, though if American movies are your thing you'll only get to see about 10-12 a year in the theater, as they restrict the number that can be shown. Many people entertain in their homes, as going out frequently can drain your wallet rapidly. - Aug 2011

Tons - Apr 2011

Practically anything you can imagine and lots of things that you can't. You'll never want for something to do in Beijing. From wandering the hutong of Nanlouguxiang late at night to dancing all night at the Great Wall to learning great Chinese cooking to trivia nights, the social scene is exciting and vibrant. Or try board games, tea and KTV with your new Chinese friends. - Jan 2011

There's always something going on. Lunch with the ladies, dinner parties, hiking and camping with the boy scouts - something for everyone. Mostly informal gatherings. Summertime socializing tends to revolve around the pool, so bring a cover-up! - Apr 2010

Big variety. - Jan 2010

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