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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Household help called an "Ayi" is pretty easy to get and will cost you between 40-55 RMB (6 bucks). Some Ayis speak English but you'll pay a premium for that. - Nov 2020

Most families choose to hire an Ayi for cooking, cleaning, or general errands. The cost varies but a part-time helper might only cost 400 or 500 USD a month. With so few expats allowed to come into Beijing right now, the cost may have dropped significantly. - Aug 2020

Quite affordable and lots of options. Mine comes once per week, does grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, ironing, and cooks a big meal that lasts a few days. I pay less than USD $200/month for this. - Jul 2020

Lots of folks had helpers - huge range in abilities and prices. Quality and trustworthy folks, especially for kids were in high demand and more expensive. - May 2020

Plenty, but most do not speak English. I do not employ help, so cannot comment on price. - Nov 2019

Part-time will run you $300 to $400 a month. Drivers start at about $800 a month. - Oct 2017

Cheap and easily available. You'll invariably pay 30 kuai (US$5) an hour. - Dec 2015

Very available. For a month (11 hours per day - 5 days per week) about US$650-750 per month - Apr 2015

Reasonable, about US$600 a month and I heard when people go on vacation, they usually pay the maid for the time off. I don't have one just to keep my life simple and I like my privacy. - Aug 2014

Readily available and quite good in my opinion, but increasingly a bit more expensive every year. $500-600 a month (or more) is a fairly normal salary for a full-time housekeeper. This was closer to $300/month a year or two ago. - Jul 2014

Widely available, about 600-1000USD monthly for full time depending on what you need done. - Jun 2013

There are lots of housekeepers available if you ask around the expat community, though many will only work in certain areas (in town vs. suburbs; certain districts in town). Cost can vary wildly depending on that person's demands. Expect to pay around $3/hour. Live-in help can be found, but not sure of the cost. If your housekeeper is Chinese, expect a substantially lower standard of cleaning and be ready to have things rearranged and put in mind-boggling places. We've been here 3 years and are currently on our 5th housekeeper. - Aug 2011

I have an ayi (maid) come twice a week. She does everything in my apartment and charges $75 per month. If you want someone full time, Mon-Fri for all cooking, bill paying, childcare ect it will cost $385 per month - Apr 2011

My apartment came with a housekeeper. She's worked here for the past 7 years for the previous 3 tenants and already had a key so just assumed she worked for me now. She is cheap (works for $3 per hour with a 4 hour minimum) and only expects to come once a week, and she'll do things like come during the day and wait for deliveries. Seems to be honest, too. I am still not sure that I really need someone to do my laundry for me and clean my house, but that's just an example of how cheap and available domestic help is I guess. - Jan 2011

Everyone has an ayi. Prices vary, usually starting around 2000 RMB (about $300) per month, plus one extra month's salary at Chinese New Year. She will work a 40-hour/week for this. She will likely speak no English - prepare to pay more if she does. You will never want to give her up if you find the right ayi. - Apr 2010

Easily available at between 10-15 rmb per hour. - Jan 2010

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