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Like most places, you definitely need to come with the right expectations. Suriname is not necessarily a great tourist destination, but we've found it to be a reasonably pleasant place to live. Paramaribo is small, quiet, and isolated, but it's also friendly, affordable, tropical, and not that far from home. - Feb 2020

Suriname is a unique and interesting place to live. It's one of those places that many people have never even heard of. I cherish some of the experiences we were able to have while living there but that doesn't mean it was an easy place to live. If you are a homebody and don't need much social interaction you'd probably love it. If you are looking for a crazy, exciting place to go this probably isn't it. - Jul 2014

Things can be frustrating here like they are in any developing country, but all in all it's a pretty easy tour. - Feb 2010

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