What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Slow pace of life. Good work life balance. Friendly people. Good availability of restaurants and groceries. Cheap and high quality household help. Tropical sunny weather year round. Spending weekends by the pool or spending hours reading in a swaying hammock. - Feb 2020

Unique opportunities for nature viewing. You can save money to an extent. Multicultural society exposes you to several different holiday festivals and cuisines (for better/worse sometimes). - May 2016

Culturally it is the most diverse place I've ever encountered. Large population of Hindustanis, Indonesians, Africans, and Chinese, and some indegenious peoples and some Europeans. Long history for each of these groups and lots of people share heritage from several groups and they all get along relatively nicely. They are very proud of the fact there is a Jewish synagouge next to a Mosque and there are lots of national holiday celebrations for each of the different cultures and religions. The interior is relatively untouched and if you can get into it is among the most pristine jungle you'll find. Which makes it really expensive to get to because you're forging your own trail via small airplane or riverboat and taking everything with you. It rains a lot, but is warm and my kids loved playing outside in the yard when it was raining. - Dec 2014

The opportunity to see some of the last surviving rainforest, nesting sea turtles, friendly people, laid back culture. - Jul 2014

Touring all over the country is available. Also, French Guyana and British Guyana are a few hours away by car (in opposite directions). You can take small planes into the interior, although it can get a bit dangerous sometimes. They are small planes and they are sometimes not very well maintained. Some have crashed and killed passengers. The main international flights into Suriname are reliable. Also, we played Golf, tennis, and had a lot of fun there with friends. - Sep 2013

It is 80% rain forest and there are opportunities to make it the Amazon; living in a place that few have ever heard of and experiencing a place that is often overlooked. There are two rainy seasons and it is tropical weather. The diversity of the culture(s) is amazing. - Nov 2010

The Amazon rainforest is in pristine condition here and you should take advantage of it before it's gone. - Feb 2010

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