What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

Travel nearly anywhere is generally lengthy and expensive. Most flights are on Surinam Airways, which is professional and safe, but doesn't have the best on-time track record and doesn't partner with any other airlines, which makes connections difficult. Miami is relatively accessible: it's about a 5-6 hour non-stop or one-stop flight that operates on most days of the week. Copa Airlines recently started flying twice a week to Paramaribo from Panama (and they codeshare with United!) which makes connections to the rest of the region a little easier than before. You can go for a long weekend to Trinidad, Aruba, or Curaçao, but it's expensive. In general, plan a few long vacations, rather than multiple short ones. - Feb 2020

East coast - door to door can take close to 24 hours with layovers. - Jun 2017

Midwest. 24 hours with no fewer than two connections, usually a 6 AM departure from the airport. Possible to fly to New York or Miami in 7 hours and 1 connection via Curacao. - May 2016

DC and SLC. 14 hours to DC, 20+ hours to SLC. No direct flights from U.S. to Paramaribo so you have to transit Curacao, Aruba, Port of Spain, Georgetown Guyana, Schipol, or Cayenne. Most of these then only connect to Miami and New York directly. The airlines running these connections are Surinam Airways (Georgetown, POS, Aruba) Insel (Curacao) Carribbean Airlines (POS) KLM (Schippol) and Delta used to fly out of Georgetown, and a few other American airlines can get you from the islands to the U.S., but the local airlines seem to purposefully time their schedules to make the layover for a U.S. flight in the 8-20 hour range. You can only fly into Paramaribo at 12-1am in the night, and only fly out from 6-7am in the morning. Usually 1 or 2 airlines per day fly either in/out as nobody does service 7 days a week. There are a few other time options that get you in at 10pm on a Sunday I beleive. Flights in/out are difficult, prone to delay, subject to stolen items from baggage they will not account for since you changed planes, and other typical frustrations. Airport is about 1 hour from the city. Difficult to get away for a long weekend because of difficulty of getting a flight to get you back in time to make it worth it. - Dec 2014

Salt Lake City. Travel time was around 24 hours with connections in Trinidad and Tobago and Miami or Aruba and Atlanta. - Jul 2014

USA (about 15 hours from DC with stops in Miami and Trinidad). - Sep 2013

DC/NYC - it is very hard to get back to the US.DC requires layovers in Aruba or Trinidad and Miami. There is a direct to JFK from Trinidad. Travel takes about 12 hours to reach the east coast. - Nov 2010

Pacific NW, it's a two day trip with an overnight in MiamiThe travel in and out of Paramaribo has been one of the most frustrating aspects. I originally thought it would be nice to be so close to the US but it often takes longer to get home from here than it did from Africa. Flights are fairly expensive also. - Feb 2010

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